Jun 30, 2020
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How to help birds in winter

How to help birds in winter

Many people do not think about how birds feel in the cold.

Alas, many of them die in the winter mainly due to lack of food, and not because of the cold. Because they do not have enough energy for warming, and there is nowhere to replenish it. Therefore, birds in winter should be supported by equipping feeding places.


You can make a feeder with your own hands from different materials. The simplest and most well-known option is a box of milk or juice. Another popular way is a feeder made of a plastic bottle - two-liter or even five-liter (by the way, it can be suspended both vertically and horizontally, then the holes are cut differently). Even a child can make such a feeder, you just need to cut openings so that the birds can jump inside, and you can put food there.

There is a very interesting modern version of the feeder - a transparent glass box, which is attached to the window glass with powerful suction cups. You can make it yourself, but it’s better to buy it. This is a great opportunity to watch birds (a great option for birdwatching without leaving your home): you can see how the birds climb into the feeder and peck food.

Wooden houses are more difficult for independent manufacture, but this is an excellent family activity, bringing up kindness and love for the world in the child. Well, if you really do not know how to work with a hammer and drill, there is no problem - a variety of feeders are sold today, for example, at fairs, in pet stores.

When installing feeders, it is important to remember: firstly, the feeders must be at least 1.5 meters from the ground so that cats can not get there. The feeder, of course, must have walls and a roof so that the feed is protected from moisture and snow. If you are making a feeder for small birds, do not make large door slots in it, so that large birds do not steal food and, again, do not attack small ones.

Birds quickly become accustomed to a constant feeding place and can fly into your feeders even several kilometers away, so if you start feeding birds, do this constantly so that each time the birds can find food in the feeder.


Remember: salt is contraindicated for birds! So salty lard, chips for birds - harm. No need for birds and sweets, cookies, rolls.

Bread, especially black, is harmful to them! After it enters the stomach of birds, it swells, which can lead to blockage or inversion of the intestines. In addition, brown bread, having a high acidity, leads to fermentation in the stomach. Again, the salt contained in brown bread is contraindicated in birds. The accumulation of salt in the body will eventually lead to poisoning.

Seeds in the feeders should be strewed raw, unsalted, unroasted. You can put a crushed boiled egg. Crushed peanuts, cereals (oats, millet, wheat), apple slices are also suitable. We only hang unsalted fat.

You can make a special treat: melt lard, pour seeds into it, and then hang the frozen mass on a rope. This food will be very pleased with tits, nuthatch.

Evgenia Kuznetsova.


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