Sep 19, 2022
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How to grow mushrooms in the country

How to grow mushrooms in the country

Mushroom lovers can collect mushrooms without a long walk in the forest. They can be grown without much effort in your summer cottage. In the forest, mushrooms grow on littered, rotten trees, on stumps.

At their summer cottage, you can create the same conditions for them. Honey mushrooms are considered the most delicious and fragrant mushrooms. Salads are made from them, used in cooking, marinated, fried.

  • It is necessary to prepare logs with a diameter of more than 20-25 cm. The length may be different. It is recommended to take logs of birch, oak, aspen, maple, poplar, ash.
  • With an ax, you need to make punctures in several places and sprinkle them with earth. If the logs are dry, then you can hold them in water for an hour. Then we lay it on the site in any form, but not on the open area, where the sun is constant. It will be better if the logs are covered with the shadow of tall plants, tree branches.
  • Cooking mycelium. You can buy it or make it yourself. In the forest, they collect old, large hats of mushrooms and fill them with rain, river water in a jar. The container is shaken and left for several hours.
  • The logs are watered with the resulting solution and hats are laid on top. You can cover with sawdust, moss. The resulting mushroom bed is periodically moistened. You will harvest the first crop only after 1-2 years.
  • If you have stumps on the site, then you can use them instead of logs. The technology is the same. Another way is to bring a rotten piece of stump from the forest and nail it to a log. With constant watering, the mycelium grows in a new place.
  • Honey mushrooms can also be grown in a greenhouse. To do this, half-rotted logs are watered with spores and placed in a corner of the greenhouse. Constant heat, humidity create an excellent atmosphere for the growth of mushrooms.

Growing mushrooms in your summer cottage, you will be constantly provided with fresh mushrooms. After all, on such logs they will grow for eight years.

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