Oct 20, 2021
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How to get Russians to get vaccinated: forcibly or for money?

How to get Russians to get vaccinated: forcibly or for money?

Photo: Donat Sorokin / TASS

If the Russians failed to convince that there is no alternative to vaccination, then there is a flaw in the state, but a more responsible position of citizens is also needed, the press secretary of the president believes. Dmitry Peskov

“If we still have not managed to convince all citizens that there is no alternative, vaccination has no alternative in a pandemic, then, of course, there are (shortcomings – ed.),” He stressed.

At the same time, the Kremlin believes that the state has done an excellent job of providing Russians with the opportunity to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

“The state is obliged to provide conditions for widespread and mass vaccination. And the state, despite all the difficulties, coped with this task brilliantly. Now each of us must show civic responsibility, ”Peskov said.

At the same time, according to a Kremlin spokesman, the vaccine phobia of Russians “is absolutely not connected with the brands of vaccinations.” For this reason, Peskov is sure, the assumption that the admission of foreign drugs from coronavirus to the Russian market would contribute to an increase in the level of vaccination in the country is false. Nevertheless, Russia’s recognition of foreign vaccines against COVID-19 is possible in a reciprocal format, he said.

In addition, Peskov said that it is hardly possible in Russia to pay remuneration to everyone who was vaccinated.

Assessing the idea of ​​giving money for vaccination against coronavirus, he noted that appropriate decisions should be made by specialists, recalling that in some regions prizes are raffled among those vaccinated.

“Of course, all methods are good to increase the number of vaccinated people. But it is unlikely that any kind of universal payment is possible here. I have never heard anyone talk about such a program, ”added Peskov.

Earlier, the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection said that Russians who were vaccinated against coronavirus should be given cash bonuses, since all other methods of encouragement have been exhausted. Fedot Tumusov… The amount of payment, according to him, needs to be determined depending on the region, while it should not be small.

And here is the vice speaker of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy urged to explain to citizens the need for vaccinations in a different way, in his telegram channel he pointed out the importance of arguments, and not attempts to make people take their word for it.

According to the deputy, the state lost the information campaign to combat the coronavirus, failing to convey to the population the idea that it should be vaccinated.

“It is a fact: people do not have confidence in the vaccine, no one answers questions about why there are complications, why vaccinated people can get sick anyway. You need to explain to people, give reasons, and not try to make them just take their word for it. This is the only way we will be able to overcome the distrust of citizens, ”he said.

So what do you do? What is the reason that the country, which was the first to create a vaccine against coronavirus, failed to vaccinate its own population?

– In Russia, the vaccination campaign was failed even before it began because of the aggressive and inconsistent information pressure of the official media on society, as well as because of the policy of tightening the rights and freedoms in the country, – believes Evgeny Valyaev, political analyst of the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society Institutions “People’s Diplomacy”

– You can remember how in the first months, when covid had just appeared in Europe, various speakers in our state media stated that there is no need to be afraid of a new virus, that it is not worse than ARVI, and that our strong medicine will withstand any pandemic. The most hypocritical propagandists, who due to some misunderstanding call themselves TV doctors, declared that the “gene of the victorious nation” would help us to defeat the covid. We observed a real informational ecstasy, the grounds for which did not exist in reality.

When the coronavirus did come to Russia, it turned out that our medicine is struggling to cope with the influx of sick people, that there is no “winner gene”, that our medicine, especially in the regions, is in an extremely deplorable state.

This is not surprising, since health care, science and education have been underfunded for many years. More than a quarter of our budget is spent on defense and the power bloc, more than seven percent on the maintenance of the bureaucratic apparatus. Education and health care spend five percent of the budget each, and this is a very small amount that cannot be compared with the spending of the first world countries in these areas.

More than one hundred billion rubles annually go to the maintenance of the media block represented by the First Channel of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and RT, which are exactly what should form that information environment favorable for the vaccination campaign.

It is worth mentioning here how expensive it is for our budget to maintain union regimes such as neighboring Belarus. With such a budget, we have good weapons, Lukashenko in Belarus, broadcasting propaganda RT all over the world, but we have the highest death rate from covid in the world. Where there is no funding, it is very subtle, which is logical.

Our mainstream media, so heavily funded by the budget, have learned very well the hate speech and the arts of propaganda, and the vaccine campaign needs people’s trust. Trust can exist where there is a dialogue between the state and society, when people are listened to and heard, when people are not afraid of censorship, when there are free elections and when independent media are not recognized as foreign agents.

Even after the elections it is clear that half of the country’s population is not interested in them, that they do not want to have anything with the state, that they do not want to interfere with it in any way. Our state failed not a specific vaccination campaign, the failed vaccination and people’s distrust of the authorities is a natural result of many years of politics.

In this position, forcing people to vaccinate is to make another mistake. Due to pressure to vaccinate, society will become even more aggressive towards power. To prevent the vaccination campaign from reaching a dead end, approaches need to be changed. Russians should have a choice of vaccines, including among imported ones – are vaccinations more important to us, and not lobbying specifically for Sputnik V? In this case, it should be recognized in Russia and given the opportunity to purchase any vaccines recognized by the WHO.

The next step is to abandon the policy of threats and restrictions used by the authorities in different regions. Somewhere people are forced to vaccinate under the threat of dismissal, all over the country the state makes business guilty and responsible for vaccinations, not helping it during lockdowns, and then filling it with fines. Such approaches must be abandoned, otherwise the figure of even fifty percent of the vaccinated population may turn out to be unrealistic.

It is also worth remembering an important reason causing people’s distrust of domestic vaccinations – the failed certification of “Sputnik V” in the WHO. There is no politics in this, since the same Americans accused WHO of working for China. We will not say that the allied China is hindering the registration of “Sputnik V” at the level of the World Health Organization? WHO recognizes not only four Western vaccines, but also two Chinese and one Indian. The failed registration of Sputnik V is, first of all, an indicator of the low level of Russian state management.

– During the year, 45 percent of Russians took root, – reminds editor-in-chief of FORUM. Moscow time Anatoly Baranov

– For almost a year and a half after the invention of the vaccine, 62 million Sputnik vaccine kits have been produced. The population of the country is 145 million. That is, vaccines have been released for 43 percent of citizens. What does propaganda have to do with it? They have destroyed the pharmaceutical industry, they cannot release at least 100 million doses in six months, that is, before revaccination. And now they are thinking how to promote that the released vaccine would be enough for everyone? Well, here you only need to consult Jesus Christ for a consultation – how to feed five thousand with seven loaves of bread.

So it’s not about vaccination advertising at all. Who does not want, he does not get vaccinated, gets into 55 percent of the unvaccinated and dissolves in them. And you just need to buy imported vaccines in the missing quantity. It’s not that expensive, all of Europe is injected with Pfizer. But they also want business, we are the first, we ourselves do not have enough, but we also sell it.

“SP”: – Maybe real leaders of public opinion should advertise, and not United Russia party Protsenko and freaks like Malysheva?

Malysheva not a freak, but a doctor of medical sciences. This is her stage image. Protsenko is a real resuscitator, but he is not an infectious disease specialist, and he does not manage the hospital in Kommunarka very well. But in principle, he is quite competent. And then, well, let’s advertise black caviar. Its truth is not enough for everyone, and it is expensive, but let’s, maybe it will work out … You just have to not build an area for renovation on the site of Mosfarmzavod, but save production before it’s too late.

“SP”: – In your opinion, is it important for the state to vaccinate as many Russians as possible in order to defeat the epidemic? Or sell vaccine supplies? Is there any commercial interest here?

– I do not know anything about the vaccine stocks, but I do know that there is not enough of it in the regions. And in order to enter the world market with new developments, you need to have serial production. And he was ditched.

“SP”: – Deputy Fedot Tumusov believes that Russians who have been vaccinated against coronavirus should be given cash bonuses, because all other methods of encouragement have been exhausted. In theory, will the state agree to this?

– The deputies, before getting out with innovations, it would be nice to study the issue better. And to budget funds for the restoration of the pharmaceutical industry. As for whether the state will go … let’s imagine that in besieged Leningrad, a prize was given to those who eat well.

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