Jan 5, 2022
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How to get rid of unpleasant odors from shoes and feet

How to get rid of unpleasant odors from shoes and feet

How to get rid of an unpleasant odor from shoes – folk life hacks

It is believed that the unpleasant smell of shoes appears due to the sweating of the feet, but the sweat itself does not have a smell that brings inconvenience. Annoying “odors” are formed when sweat reacts with the bacteria around us all over the place. Shoes made of artificial material are more susceptible to this effect – they breathe worse than leather shoes, air circulation is difficult, as a result, bacteria with sweat boil in their own juice throughout the day, giving rise to that very unpleasant odor.

If the situation is close and understandable to you, you should not despair. We will tell you how to get rid of an unpleasant odor from shoes using a variety of methods: these are folk life hacks that cost a penny, but effective (all of them will be rated on a five-point scale), and special ready-made products – ointments and sprays to prevent sweating of the feet. and other preventive measures available for purchase at any shoe store – that is, preventive measures. Let’s start with them!

Prevention measures

We apologize for announcing the common truth, but getting rid of suffocating odors is much more difficult than trying to prevent their appearance. Personal hygiene comes first in this row. But situations often arise when a person is forced to spend the whole day on his feet, without taking off his shoes, or, as in the case of athletes, exercising hard and sweating from head to toe.

Removable insoles will help to avoid the appearance of aromas from shoes – in the evening they came, pulled them out, washed them, and put a new layer in the shoes (after drying and airing them). Perforated insoles work especially well.

If you know that your feet are prone to sweating and that you will have a long workout or working day on your feet, bring a pair of socks with you for your change. And to choose this accessory is better than their cotton fabric.

How to get rid of an unpleasant odor from shoes – folk life hacks

Hydrogen peroxide. A powerful and odorless bacteria-fighting agent. How to remove with it: soak a cotton pad and wipe or directly spray into the inside of the shoe. If you whipped too much – remove with a napkin. Leave it for a day.

Assessment of the method on a 5-point scale: 5! Risks: some fabrics can be discolored by hydrogen peroxide!

Baking soda. An excellent absorbent for removing unpleasant odors from shoes – found in every kitchen in the country. How to use it to save shoes from adversity? Pour baking soda into the shoe so that it is evenly distributed over the sole, walls and top of the shoe. How and when to remove soda from shoes? As easy as shelling pears – a vacuum cleaner in a day!

Evaluation of the method on a 5-point scale: 4! The principle of absorption is correct and good, but it will not be able to eliminate the problem globally, leaving a slight odor. But if the situation is not very strong, the method will work.

Male harsh method: alcohol. You will have to get rid of the smell of shoes in two quick runs. At the first stage, wipe the interior with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol. On the second, put a cotton pad soaked in alcohol in the sock of the shoe – this is where the breeding ground for bacteria is located. Keep until the disc is completely dry. If the case is difficult, repeat the procedure.

Evaluation of the method on a 5-point scale: 4! Don’t assume that the score is driven by pity for using alcohol in this way. Objectively, the elimination of unpleasant odors from shoes will not completely occur, the residual aroma will still remain.

Freezing for 12-24 hours. Often the recommended method is that bacteria die at low temperatures, but its disadvantage is its seasonality. The way out is found in the freezer, placing cleaned shoes, wrapped in a bag, in it. Exception: rubber and patent leather shoes.

Evaluation of the method on a 5-point scale: 3-! You can remove an unpleasant odor in this way only if it is very light. Plus, if not winter, then a freezer, food and … shoes? Few people decide on such an inappropriate elimination in relation to future food. A concomitant inconvenience will also manifest itself in the form of condensation, which still needs to be dried – wearing shoes is unpleasant and unsafe for health.

Green tea bags. Another absorbent this time with a pleasant aroma. How to remove unpleasant odor from shoes with it? Put 2-3 dry tea bags inside, leave for a day.

Assessment of the method on a 5-point scale: 2! Despite the frequent mention of this method, he does not cope well with the task assigned to him – a life hack with freezing will be stronger. Tea bags are more likely to answer the question “How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of new shoes?”

How to eliminate unpleasant smell of feet and shoes

As noted above, the cause of unpleasant foot odor is sweat coming into contact with bacteria and germs. The takeaway is simple: preventive measures against sweating and bacteria. Based on general practice, expert advice and reviews on the network (where without the personal experience of many people), the following tools can be distinguished, which have proven themselves perfectly:

For legs:

  • Pasta Teymurov
  • Cream-ointment Nepotoff
  • Deodorant DEOcontrol Sport
  • Formagel

Antiseptics for treating shoes to disinfect the fungus:

  • Mycostop
  • Chlorhexidine 1%
  • Miramistin
  • Desavid
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