Apr 20, 2022
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How to get rid of swelling on the face?

How to get rid of swelling on the face?

Pharmacy shelves today are filled with various facial skin care products, including remedies for swelling of the eyelids and face. Very often in the morning we do not want to look in the mirror because of swelling on the face, swollen eyelids, because we do not know how to get rid of it.

The composition of creams and masks against puffiness of the eyelids and face most often includes various herbs, mud, bioactive components, as well as various vitamins and minerals.

Usually masks are applied for about 15 minutes from the center of the face to the periphery, then washed off with warm water or a non-alcoholic lotion. Recently, textile-based cosmetic masks impregnated with a therapeutic composition began to appear on sale, they are also applied to the face for about 15 minutes, they can be used about three times.

An excellent remedy for morning swelling can be a contrast washing procedure or rubbing the face and eyelids with ice cubes from herbal infusion. If this is not possible, then before the start of the working day, you can do a facial massage, pinching the skin from the center to the periphery, capturing all parts of the face. This procedure will bring your skin a pleasant complexion, and you will be in a good mood.

If you have enough time and you can pay attention to your face, then you can use some homemade beauty recipes. For example, make a mask from raw potatoes for 10 minutes, or from gauze soaked in green tea, as well as from boiled pumpkin with honey. After applying any mask, the face must be rinsed with warm water.

The causes of edema can be different, therefore, the methods of dealing with them also differ from each other. If you swell occasionally, then the reason for this is: stress, fatigue, insomnia, excess water in the body. If the edema is permanent, then there are already problems in the internal organs, or rather, in their insufficient performance. Then you just need to seek the advice of a doctor.

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