Aug 6, 2022
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How to get rid of stuffiness in the apartment

How to get rid of stuffiness in the apartment

The reason lies in the fact that modern plastic windows and balconies are highly airtight, they do not let in street noise and dirt, but at the same time they practically do not let in fresh air. Because of this, the apartment very quickly develops humidity and increases the concentration of carbon dioxide.

Why does the apartment get stuffy?

Stuffiness in the apartment occurs due to three main factors:

  • Spouse;
  • high humidity;
  • Increased concentration of carbon dioxide.

Often at home it becomes hot and stuffy for us, high humidity is felt, however, the included air conditioner will only lower the air temperature, but will not make it fresh. And what to do if it is very hot in the apartment in winter, and plus it is stuffy? You need to know only one thing in this case – this concentration of ‘bad’ air affects the microclimate, and you need to look for ways to get rid of this phenomenon, and not from the heat. The only optimal solution in such a situation is to establish a ventilation system in the apartment. Why ventilation in an apartment and what functions it performs, read in our article.

Here’s an example:

The content of carbon dioxide (CO2) ranges from 640.5 mg/m3 in the forest and 732-1098 mg/m3 in the city. For the normal functioning of the human body, the concentration of carbon dioxide should be approximately 732 mg/m3.

For comparison, in 1 hour, in a room with closed windows and doors, 2 people will increase the CO2 concentration to 3660 mg/m3, which is ! 5 times the “normal” level. The main source of carbon dioxide is man.

Yes, in 1 hour we:

  1. we inhale 450-1500 liters of air
  2. exhale 18-60 liters of CO2

If we are a constant source of carbon dioxide production, we need to dispose of the exhaust air, since the excess of CO2 up to 1830 mg/m3 on a permanent basis causes considerable harm to the human body. What to do if the room is hot and stuffy, we will tell below.

Consequences of stuffiness and high CO2 content for the human body

When a person stays for a short time (2-3 hours) in a room with a CO2 concentration above 1464 mg/m3, the following symptoms appear:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • fatigue, apathy;
  • bad sleep;
  • eye and respiratory tract irritation.

With a long-term stay of a person (from several hours to several years) in a room where the level of carbon dioxide is above 1464 mg/m3, the following occur:

  1. rhinitis;
  2. allergic reactions;
  3. asthma;
  4. general decrease in immunity;
  5. cardiovascular diseases;
  6. diabetes;
  7. blood diseases, etc.

In the morning, with the bedroom windows closed, CO2 levels can reach 2196 mg/m3.

So, in most indoor spaces, high humidity, heat, and high levels of carbon dioxide make the microclimate unsuitable for human habitation, and, unfortunately, an air conditioner or a floor fan does not improve air quality, but only cools it.
Let’s take a closer look at ways to eliminate carbon dioxide and stuffiness in an apartment.

How to get rid of stuffiness in a room, in an apartment?

To reduce the air temperature in the room, as mentioned earlier, you can use an air conditioner or a floor fan. This equipment will allow you to immediately feel cool, but both the first and the second unit process only the air that is in the room, the air in which the CO2 content is increased.

Accordingly, using a fan or air conditioner, you eliminate only 1 factor that contributes to stuffiness – heat, and polluted, stale air continues to circulate around the apartment.

It is best to keep windows and balconies open when using a floor fan to allow polluted, damp air to naturally be drawn out of the room. Of course, such a fan can cope with a very small volume of air masses, and the use of such an option to eliminate stuffiness is not enough, because fresh air with the required temperature will enter the room rather weakly.

In order for the ventilation in the room to take place correctly, and you do not have to worry about whether all factors of stuffiness have been eliminated (humidity, excess CO2, high air temperature, whether enough fresh, purified air has entered the apartment) – install supply and exhaust ventilation. Supply and exhaust system ventilation is a specially designed equipment that allows you to enjoy all the advantages of plastic windows (no noise, dust, dirt) and at the same time organizes normal air exchange between the environment inside the apartment and the external environment.

The supply and exhaust unit consists of two built-in fans that work for supply and exhaust: one fan takes air from the external environment, the second draws exhaust air from the apartment. The system passes fresh air through its filter system, that is, it purifies and supplies it to the room. At the same time, most air handling units have the functions of heating / cooling air or the ability to add these functions. As a result, we can say that with such an installation we kill all the causes at once, because carbon dioxide is replaced by oxygen, the room is conditioned, and humidity comes out along with other masses through the hood.

Natural ventilation. Open windows and vents so that fresh air enters the room to replace the exhaust. BUT, do not forget that dust and dirt, heat and moisture enter your apartment through open windows. Also be careful with drafts, as respiratory ailments are the first friends of a draft.

At a high temperature in the apartment, windows and a loggia can be hung with wet sheets, or water can be sprayed into the air. It is important not to overdo it here, otherwise the level of air humidity will be too high for the normal functioning of the body and, at some point, the room may become unbearably stuffy.

Use solar control film or foil to cover windows, with their help, the sun’s rays will reflect off the surface of the foil and prevent heat from entering the room

You can also install exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Thus, hot air from under the ceiling will be drawn out.
One way or another, almost all of the above methods of dealing with stuffiness have their pros and cons, of course, it is best to use equipment specially designed for this task – supply and exhaust ventilation systems – to combat polluted, stuffy air. Installing such a system allows you not to be afraid of the dustiness of the apartment, drafts, high CO2 levels, not to worry about your health and the health of your household

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