Nov 24, 2021
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How to get rid of hot sweat odor

How to get rid of hot sweat odor

How to get rid of hot sweat odor

Improve your body odor during the hot season with the available remedies and proven tricks.
In summer, especially after exercising, many people sweat and irritate others with unpleasant body odor. Fortunately, besides the shower or bath, there are various ways to counteract this “scent”.

1. Improve body odor with herbs

If you want to sweat less, drink sage and mint teas, and rub yourself with infusions of these herbs.

You can also use sage and mint teas as a foot and hand soak.

But keep in mind: sage is contraindicated during pregnancy, its infusion is forbidden to drink to people suffering from cancer and kidney pathologies.

2. Correct clothing

Breathable, loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen helps prevent perspiration.

If your dress code does not allow you to wear these clothes, use special armpit liners and change them regularly.

You can make these inserts yourself and saturate them with fragrance.

3. Sports against perspiration

Exercising regularly will strengthen your body so you sweat less.

And if you’re overweight, exercise can help you lose weight and sweat less.

4. Choose what to eat

Certain foods make bad odors worse, including excessive amounts of coffee.

Also, you should not get carried away with tobacco and alcohol.

Fatty and spicy foods increase the unpleasant odor of sweat. You should also avoid dishes with garlic and onions.

5. Antiperspirants and hygiene

While deodorants only mask the odor, antiperspirants reduce the amount of perspiration, which is more effective.

For an antiperspirant to work best, it should be applied to a clean body before bed. This keeps you sweat-free all day long, even if you shower in the morning.

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