Sep 15, 2022
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How to get rid of grass on a garden path

How to get rid of grass on a garden path

Grass is our punishment. The paradox is that in order to plant and grow any fruit and vegetable crop, time, effort, money and knowledge are needed. And the grass, with God’s blessing, grows by itself wherever possible, and even on the paths. And what to do with it – many do not even imagine. But if the garden path is not regularly intensively used, then the weeds that have not been completely destroyed will simply fall apart over time.

How and why grass appears on the path

Grass is the same plant as all others, only more viable. And it spreads at the expense of its own mature seeds, which, when ripe, scatter over the ground, and, under more or less favorable conditions, germinate, and, having reached a fertile age (and in the case of grass, this happens very quickly), successfully produce new weeds. Weed seeds are very small and light, they are specially adapted to scatter as far as possible and, thus, they successfully fall not only on the beds adjacent to the weed, but also on garden paths.

In order to prevent the appearance of grass on the path, it is necessary to cut off the vegetative layer of soil even in the process of planning it and transfer it to some other place. In any case, the garden path should never be laid out on a fertile soil layer.

As for the question of how to remove the grass on the site, only the manual weeding method is applicable on the beds, and sometimes mulching. On the paths, there is the possibility of using modern chemical weed control agents. In any case, it is clear that the fight against grass should be started even when it first appeared from the ground. Otherwise, it will be too late, and it may never be possible to get rid of it.

How to remove grass from the path folk methods

In order not to encounter such a problem as grass on a garden path, of course, it is best to carry out its prevention in advance, not bringing the weeds to completely clog the entire path. The best folk method is the early weeding method. That is, without starting the problem, and without leading to the fact that the weeds would put up powerful branching roots, which would be almost impossible to get rid of. Also, as new grass appears, weed periodically. As long as the weeds are small, they are easier and faster to uproot.

If the plants on the garden path have grown and have had time to dry out, then they can be burned out, using all methods of protecting the vegetable beds and fruit trees surrounding the path. The method of repeated watering of weeds with boiling water is also used.

In the case when the garden path in the summer cottage is practically not used for some time, it is enough to lay a thick layer of newspaper on it, and preferably dark-colored wrapping paper. Fix all this in some way, for example, by pressing bricks on top in several places. Three or four days will pass and the grass under cover will die. Then you need to free the grass from under the covering material and, for the best effect, treat it with Roundup (we will talk about the methods of chemical control of grass on garden paths in the next paragraph of this article).

You can also cover weed grass with pine sawdust, sprinkling them from time to time on top of the old layer, as it thins.

How to get rid of weed permanently

So, we can sum up:

  • It is necessary to weed the grass as often as possible as early as possible.
  • If possible, compact the loose sections of the garden path and occasionally cover it with a layer of newspapers or roofing material for several days.

There are various methods and ways of how to remove the grass on the site, we have considered some of them (the most effective ones) in this article, and which one to use (or several at once), each person decides for himself in each specific case.

However, absolutely without any effort to get rid of the grass forever will not work.

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