Apr 28, 2022
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How to get rid of bad memories?

How to get rid of bad memories?

As the proverb known to everyone since childhood says: “Repetition is the mother of learning.” This is undoubtedly true. If you take, for example, playing musical instruments, learning foreign languages ​​or performing juggling tricks, it is hard to argue with the statement that numerous trainings provide solid experience and necessary skills that are firmly fixed in our brain. Scientists have identified this feature for a very long time.

An amazing pattern. In the past few years, scientific developments have made it possible to discover the second part of this statement: in order to really learn something well, you must first of all be able to forget. No matter how surprising it may sound, but when we forget, that is, destroy old neural connections, we allow our brain to absorb fresh information and opportunities. In the scientific community, this process is called synaptic pruning.

Operating principles

The best way to understand this principle is with an example. To do this, it is enough to imagine that the human brain is a garden, but instead of fruit trees planted in it, synoptic neural connections grow among themselves. Through the channels of these connections, special neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin) are transmitted. It turns out that the role of gardeners caring for this process is performed by glial cells. They are responsible for accelerating the transmission of signals between these types of neurons.

Another part of the glial cells is busy cleaning the territory, that is, the destruction of parasitic weeds and the cleansing of the territory. These kind of cleaners in the brain are microglial cells. They are responsible for pruning extra synaptic connections. Until now, the disputes of leading scientists have not ceased, about which scheme microglial cells choose, which connections need to be broken.

Delete in our brain: how to find the button to delete excess memory?

Most likely, the bonds that are subject to pruning are specially marked with proteins for them. The very process of pruning connections in the scientific community is called “synaptic pruning”. That is, it turns out that the brain physically frees up space for the formation of new neural connections. This is what allows us to acquire new skills and knowledge.

The importance of sleep

Everyone at least once in their life had the feeling that the head is inexorably full. This is especially often the case with the active assimilation of new information. Scientists agree that this is most likely the case. When we comprehend new information, the brain forms new neural connections, but they are fragile and short-lived. After some time, the brain will simply need to cut them off to create new, more effective and direct connections.

This process occurs when a person is sleeping. At this time, our brain cells perform the function of compressing the information received for the whole day, up to 60%. By compressing the daily amount of data received, the brain gives way to this place for glial cells, which cut off unnecessary, unnecessary, in their opinion, synapses. Probably, each of us knows the feeling when, after a good sleep, we wake up in the morning with a bright and clear head. This is one of the best examples of successful synaptic pruning. This process can be roughly compared to defragmenting a computer disk.

How to control it?

For many, an interesting question is brewing – how is control carried out and how these cells understand what can be removed and what should be left. This is one of the most amazing facts – synaptic connections send those cells that we do not use for removal, while the necessary ones, on the contrary, receive additional care.

Therefore, it is very important to correctly monitor all your thoughts that arise in your head. If you spend a lot of time on Internet forums devoted to some games or nonsense, and do not give it enough useful information, it will not be difficult to guess which synapses will be marked and removed.

In the event that you have a strong conflict in everyday life, you should not waste time inventing perverted revenge on your opponent. With this approach, you can become a synoptic megastar, but not the best employee or person. Always remember that the connections that matter most to you, that you are most focused on, win.

What can it give?

You can literally construct your own brain when deciding what needs to be given much more attention and what is not important at all. Of course, the whole process that takes place in the brain cannot be controlled. During the day, various pleasant and unpleasant situations can happen to you, but nevertheless, it is quite possible to control your behavior and response to all events that occur.

To be more precise, you can literally select what you should not pay attention to, thereby creating the right neural connections. Focus should not be on what hinders and annoys, but on what is useful and informative. Therefore, it is imperative to replace unrealizable fantasies with yoga or meditation, free your mind from unnecessary garbage and tune in to positive moments, striving for self-improvement, development and growth as a person every day.

It only at first glance seems to be very difficult, but if you think about it, you can simply not pay attention to it and notice the result in a few weeks – your memory will improve several times.

Just check, the result will pleasantly surprise you. Try to set your brain to work properly.

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