Oct 11, 2021
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How to get money back for a defective product

How to get money back for a defective product

How to get money back for a defective product

Many of us are faced with the fact that having bought a product in a store, for some reason, it turned out to be unusable. For example, you bought something for a child, came home, and the size did not fit.

And then, naturally, the question arises in my head – is it possible to hand it back and return the money? The same is true with the color – it did not match the tone. You can safely return it to the store. The state took care of this, namely in the law “On protection of consumer rights”.

What if it’s a sale?

Many of us in the store are convinced by the sellers that a thing bought at a sale cannot be returned. Not true! If the item is new, and the snowy price is due to pre-holiday or seasonal discounts, then it can be returned within 14 calendar days, just like the goods purchased without discounts. This is evidenced by Article 25 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

The countdown of calendar 14 days starts from the next day after purchase.

There was already a defect on the product

There are times when you have purchased an item at a discounted price due to a defect in it. For example, a button was missing on a shirt, and the seller decided to markdown it. But when you came home, you found that this shirt also had a torn chest pocket. If the seller has not indicated this defect, then according to Art. 18 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, you have the right to demand a refund or a commensurate reduction in price, or the elimination of the defect.

Sophisticated technique

Things are a little more complicated here than, say, with a jacket. If, for example, a washing machine or TV did not suit you in color and interior, then no one will change such a product for you, if the seller does not voluntarily agree to this. Another point is if a hidden defect is found in such a product.

In this case, you have 15 legal days (including the day of purchase) for an exchange or refund. And remember that during this period you can return the product even with the slightest defects, regardless of its severity.

15 days have passed

And what to do if 15 days after purchase have already passed. Do not despair! Any equipment has a manufacturer who sets a warranty period for operation. That is, if, for example, the TV stops turning on 6 months after purchase, then you can contact the warranty workshop. And if the breakdown was not your fault, you will have it repaired free of charge.

There are cases that complex household appliances cannot be repaired, or the repair lasts more than 45 calendar days, or the equipment has been under repair for more than 30 days in aggregate during the year, then for such a product you have the right to demand the return of its cost from the seller …

Can’t be repaired

To do this, you need to demand an appropriate certificate from the warranty workshop, and go with it to the seller. Be sure to have a receipt confirming payment for the goods with you. You are obliged to return the money within 5 days.

No one is insured against low-quality goods. Therefore, when buying, you should carefully check the product for all possible defects during the purchase. However, if there is a problem, then do not despair – the law is on your side!

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