Jan 10, 2021
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How to freshen up the interior and make your home spacious

How to freshen up the interior and make your home spacious

Everyone wants to feel at home like a king or queen. But many deny themselves this, because they think that in order for a home to look modern and sophisticated, you need to throw out a lot of money for repairs and hire a whole brigade of workers. But an atmosphere of comfort and luxury can be created with a few simple tricks.

We will tell you about the most frequently used techniques by designers, with the help of which you can easily independently transform your home. The main thing is to decide on the style so that individual interior details do not spoil the general atmosphere, but harmonize with each other and correspond to a single idea.


Gender is very important because it catches the eye first. The correct color and texture can completely change the look of your home. Remember one simple but important rule: the more surface of the floor you leave open, the more elegant it will look.

So we recommend that you give up extra carpets. And also give preference to furniture with legs, it will allow you to display a large area of ​​flooring.

Skirting board

Never ignore skirting boards. They perfectly mask, and even decorate the joints between the wall and floor or wall and ceiling. The skirting board can be wood, plaster or even plastic. But natural materials will look better.


Don’t be afraid to play on contrasts. They can be used to decorate furniture, walls and other elements. The combination of light walls and a wooden floor in dark colors looks especially luxurious. Take note of this simple trick!


Yes, we talked about opening the floors as much as possible. But in a light or minimalist interior, it is the carpet that can become a bright accent that will revitalize the room. These can be small rugs near the bed or fireplace. You can support this decor element with other accessories in the same color.


Long draped curtains, which start almost from the ceiling and reach the floor, visually stretch the room. Heavy, dense materials look more luxurious, while lightweight materials add dynamism to the room.


Decorating the walls with wood is another option to make the interior more luxurious. Scandinavian style, simple panels or individual elements – the choice is yours. A tree whose color is darker than the walls looks best.

Harmonious wallpaper

Very stylish when the wallpaper repeats the pattern of some other type of decoration or is made in the same style with it. For the most daring – an imitation of artificial plaster or marble. An interesting trick is wallpaper with a gold finish that imitates natural stone. Just keep in mind that with this wall design, the rest of the decor should be concise.

Natural materials

Wall cladding with stone, wood or slate looks mysterious and incredibly elegant. The stone-finished surface pleasantly diffuses light and radiates the resulting heat naturally. Also now there are many materials that mimic natural marble.

Window openings

Wooden and foam skirting boards look great not only on the floor or near the ceiling, but as a decoration for window openings. This is a great alternative to window frames. Just stick the skirting boards around the opening and between the windows.


If you still have carpet on the steps, it’s time to remove it. In interior design, this is already the last century, and it looks very gloomy and collects a lot of were. You can freshen the steps with laminate panels or simple wooden planks. This design will look much more interesting if you use contrasting colors.


Mirrors visually expand the room and give it depth. You can use them with different patterns and paintings as wall decoration.


Flower pots look more effective when combined into groups rather than placed around the house. Compositions of plants of different heights look especially advantageous. Such a small garden.


Do not be afraid to create and create interesting design things. The simplest and cheapest kitchen table can be turned into a real work of art by gluing colored ceramic tiles on it. The idea is also suitable for the restoration of the damaged surface.

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