Dec 27, 2020
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How to find out what a man thinks of you: beliefs, fortune-telling and omens

How to find out what a man thinks of you: beliefs, fortune-telling and omens

Many girls dream about what a man thinks, what his feelings and intentions are. With proven omens and fortune-telling, everyone will be able to open the veil of secrecy and understand how the guy they like really treats her.

Relationships between a man and a woman rarely start with passionate declarations of love, which is why it is so important for girls to know what is really on the minds of men. Experts offer to get acquainted with signs, beliefs and fortune-telling that will help answer exciting questions and not be mistaken with a choice.

You can find out that a man you like also feels sympathy in different ways, including through signs.

If a girl’s ears or cheeks burn at the thought of a particular man, the belief says: at this moment he also thinks about her and hopes to see you soon.

Popular omen: a prophetic dream from Thursday to Friday, and if a girl dreamed of a man on that day, then he is definitely not indifferent to her.

The sudden hiccups that overpowered in the morning will indicate that the girl she liked remembers the guy. The same goes for sudden sneezing in the morning.

According to legend, you can find out what a man thinks by the answer of a random person. In the modern world, you can call an unknown number. For this, the image of a man is presented and a number is dialed. If “yes” sounds in the receiver, then the conceived man is not indifferent to you. “Hello” or another answer – a man is not interested in a relationship.

A girl who is thinking about a man and stumbling on her left leg at that moment can be sure that he is sympathetic. To stumble with the right foot – a man is indifferent.

one. Playing cards will help you find out what a man is thinking. To do this, the deck is shuffled, focusing on the image of a man, and then a card is taken out. If the suit is red, then he is passionately interested. Black – a man does not have sympathy and does not consider a girl as a life companion.

2. Water is poured into identical glasses, added to one salt, and sugar is poured into the other. The numbers of the glasses are written on the pieces of paper, then mixed and one of them is taken out without peeping. If a glass of sweet liquid is chosen, the man’s heart beats faster at the sound of your name. With salt – there is no joint future.

3. Another way to find out exactly what a man thinks is to ask a question before going to bed, and then remember what he dreamed in a dream. A pleasant dream will indicate what the man thinks about the girl. A disturbing dream will warn of the danger – the chosen man can change or offend.

You can learn about what is really in a man’s thoughts by his behavior, because a man, even hiding his sympathy, will try to always be there. Women’s intuition, if you turn to her, will not let you down and will help you find out what is really going on in the thoughts of the man you like.

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