Apr 7, 2021
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How to fill a place to sleep with grace

How to fill a place to sleep with grace

Sometimes marriage is not what we imagined it to be. New nuances of living together and new difficulties appear. This is natural, because we begin to live with another person, we must reckon with his habits and live peacefully.

One of the delights of marriage is sleeping together, and that’s when we get to know our partner. When a person is used to sleeping alone, getting used to sharing the bed with another becomes a little problematic. By the way, astrologers are sure that different signs of the zodiac need to sleep for a different number of hours for a good rest.

Today we would like to tell you about an unusual habit of one couple. The family has been living together for 8 years, and they have been sleeping in different beds for 7 years. The woman convinces that their marriage has only become stronger from this.

“A year after getting married, in the middle of the night, I woke up in bed alone, and I remembered exactly that I had fallen asleep with my husband. I got out of bed and found my beloved sleeping on the couch in the next room. In the morning I asked why he lay on the sofa. And my husband replied that he could not sleep, they say, I toss and turn in my sleep and sniff loudly. “

“When the situation repeated itself, I decided that it was necessary to talk. We realized that we could not sleep together. Either my husband woke me up with his snoring, then we woke up because of the heat. In addition, our sleep schedules did not quite coincide: I could watch films until one in the morning, and my husband went to bed 3 hours earlier. Together we did not sleep enough, were irritable and tired. “

“We came to the conclusion that sleeping in separate beds is the solution to the problem. As a result, we stopped fighting and became more productive at work, and my husband gets up early and prepares breakfast for us. A separate bed and a separate sleep do not bother us in the least, no matter what relatives and friends may say. It is convenient for us, this is the most important thing. “

Not everyone is ready to give up sleeping in an embrace with a loved one, but insomnia may not come because someone is bothering you. Anyway, to deal with this problem, you can do some relaxing yoga asanas.

Interestingly, in ancient Rome, the matrimonial bed was not intended for sleep, the spouses slept in different rooms. The Russian aristocrats had separate bedrooms, and the peasants slept in different halves of the hut. The tradition of sleeping together appeared in the era of the industrial revolution, when people moved to cities.

Psychologists say that often conflicts arise due to snoring and insomnia of partners or because of the uncomfortable temperature in the room. While the problem can be solved by placing two separate beds in the bedroom, many believe that this is the beginning of the end. Because of stereotypes, people simply lose their own comfort.

After all, intimacy is determined not only by sleeping together, but also by other things. For example, you can cook together or go out on weekends, go to exhibitions or movies, enjoy socializing with each other during the day, and at night gain new strength to continue a happy marriage.

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