Oct 15, 2021
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How to extend the life of your coffee machine: just one practical tip

How to extend the life of your coffee machine: just one practical tip

It’s easy to extend the life of your coffee machine

Do you want your coffee machine to serve you as long as possible and still make delicious, strong coffee? Extending the life of a coffee machine is easy: you just need to regularly perform just one simple action – decalcification of the device.

What is decalcification of a coffee machine and why is it needed?

Decalcification is the process of cleaning the coffee machine from scale and various salt deposits that form during operation.

Even if you use only thoroughly filtered, purified or bottled water for making coffee, after several months of operation, salt deposits still appear on many parts of the coffee machine, which does not have a very good effect on the operation of the device.

Due to the salt sediment, the channels are clogged and water flows through them at a slower speed. In addition, the taste of the drink spoils. Such contamination greatly shortens the life of the coffee machine and can lead to its breakdown.

Decalcification allows you to clean the device from salt deposits, return the coffee machine to its usual performance, and the coffee – an excellent taste. In addition, regular decalcification will save you the extra expense of repairing your coffee machine or buying a new model – your device will function perfectly!

How to decalcify?

Detailed instructions for decalcifying a specific model of coffee machine can be found in the instruction manual for your device. There is also a step-by-step instruction in the decalcification kit itself. If you still have questions in the process, our specialists will be happy to answer them.

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