Sep 12, 2022
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How to equip a small kitchen: 4 tricks

How to equip a small kitchen: 4 tricks

Many of us know how to fit in a cramped kitchenette in Khrushchev. But certainly not everyone knows how cozy and comfortable it can be on these small square meters. In this article, we will look at the layout options for a small kitchen and try to dispel the myth of its inconvenience.

1. We are looking for where to turn around: furniture

The main thing to understand (if there is no possibility of demolishing the walls) is that the small kitchen will not get any bigger, so this space is worth loving and accepting. Remember, optimism is the key to success!

Do not overload an already small kitchen with bulky furniture. It is better to choose furniture of small sizes and in bright colors.

For those who love home gatherings with relatives and friends, the option of arranging the dining area with a small oval-shaped table made of glass or imitation plastic and light chairs is suitable.

In a small kitchen, doors can be abandoned by choosing a strong hood. Sliding doors are also a great option to bypass some sort of space restriction and open up the space.

And a little advice: it is better to place furniture further from the doorway, from this the space will seem freer.

2. Smaller is better

Thinking through all the details of the situation and the location of household appliances, decide whether a four-burner stove is so important to you, or you can get by with a compact two-burner stove.

Instead of a bulky refrigerator, look for narrow and tall ones.

For other kitchen appliances, you can use brackets or railings – steel tubes or strips that are mounted on the wall.

A reasonable option for a small kitchen would be to buy furniture to order, along with built-in appliances. To increase the volume of the storage system, furniture can be ordered 5-10 centimeters higher than ordinary furniture, instead of a standard stove – a hob, and a bulky oven can be replaced with a mini-oven.

Instead of hinged doors on the lower tier of cabinets, it is better to order sliding shelves.

Doors of hanging cabinets can be made rising up with the help of special fasteners.

3. Light solution

After selecting furniture and household appliances, it’s time to think about lighting. To make the kitchen seem more spacious, it should be as bright as possible.

The simplest thing is to place a small but rather bright chandelier above the dining area, but emphasize the working area with LED strip or small lamps.

To enhance the effect of this technique, you should choose the right reflective surfaces when finishing kitchen furniture. Hanging cabinets should not be made dark, they are much better suited for light mirror or glossy finishes, which are complemented by chrome elements, and they can also be used for a kitchen apron. Such a surface adds volume and depth to the kitchen, and the furniture is not too catchy.

4. Finishing touches

As with other rooms, decor is important in any interior. For the kitchen, this is also an important element. Properly selected accessories can decorate even the most ordinary room and give it comfort and warmth. But be careful, because in a small kitchen you can not clutter up the space too much, as this will create a feeling of tightness and clutter.

Items should be medium-sized, stylish and light enough. For example, a simple tablecloth, without large and bright elements, a small beautiful lamp, you can use decorative items: a simple vase or a plate, or some other high-tech or minimalist accessory. Light-colored curtains made of light fabric will also decorate a small but very cozy kitchen.

The last and most important advice: love your home, because it doesn’t matter how many square meters it has, it matters how cozy and comfortable it can become for you, and it’s all in your hands!

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