Oct 15, 2020
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How to equip a nursery with feng shui: simple, budget, in any apartment

How to equip a nursery with feng shui: simple, budget, in any apartment

The children's room requires proper arrangement, since the baby needs positive energy. Try to follow simple feng shui rules to keep your child surrounded by positive energy.

The most important rule for a nursery is perfect cleanliness. Try to do a feng shui cleaning at least once a week. The child must live in cleanliness and order. This will have a positive effect on his mood and health.

It's about the lighting and the colors used for the walls and floors. As for the color scheme, it is very important to make the walls and ceiling white or beige, as light as possible, and the floor cream, light brown, light gray or dark gray. This color scheme will help your baby to remain kind, positive and sociable.

Natural lighting is a great magnet for creative Qi - large windows are essential. There should be nothing on the windowsill, especially plants with sharp thorns like a rose or a cactus.

Whatever the size and amount of sunlight in the room, it is always worth making the artificial lighting white and strong. This is very important for the child and his mood. Don't be limited to one lamp. The light should be saturated, and it is better to make several sources of it.

Furniture can be placed as little as possible, as it delays the flow of energy. This will be good for your wallet. It is desirable that it be simple in shape and not be in the center of the children's room.

Experts also recommend avoiding furniture with sharp corners. If it is a computer or some other table, then it is better that it has rounded edges. This will help the child to be less aggressive.

The writing or computer desk should be so that the child can see those entering the room, but not sit with his back to the window or exit.

In order for the child to get enough sleep and feel good, it is very important to properly equip the sleeping place. First, the bed must be made of wood. Metal is too "mature" material. It does not combine well with the energy of the child and the aura of his room.

A very important rule - the child should not sleep with his head or feet to the window and exit. In no case should there be shelves or paintings hanging over his head.

There should be talismans in the baby's room that will attract Qi energy, bring good luck. These talismans include a simple red ribbon made of natural material, which must be hung on the door or above the door.

The mascots for the child are often his own toys. You need to allow him to place them wherever he thinks necessary. Experts also note talismans such as a swan figurine or its image. Air chimes and a dream catcher are helpful. It is better not to overload the interior decoration of the room with unnecessary elements. The baby must have a lot of space, otherwise he will grow overly shy.

In order for a child's life to be bright and positive, and his mood is always at its best, it is necessary to make a room in the children's sector. Earlier we talked about how to define favorable zones in an apartment. If this is not possible, the children's area should be located in the most suitable place and always kept clean and tidy.

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