Jan 23, 2021
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How to dry clothes in an apartment

How to dry clothes in an apartment

When there is not enough space in the house, the problem of drying things becomes urgent, especially in the cold season, when the laundry dries very slowly. If there are lines for drying clothes outside the balcony, this is not very convenient.

In addition, clean linen can very quickly become dirty if the balcony is located near the road or because of bad weather; unreliable neighbors who throw cigarette butts out of the window can often ruin things. Therefore, it is wiser to dry things indoors.

Despite the fact that scientists do not advise drying clothes inside the house, as there is a risk of excessive humidity in the room. Due to the high humidity, fungal spores and mold can spread. Fortunately, most are lucky to have a washing machine in the house, as you know, it washes clothes quite well and leaves it barely wet, so you should not be afraid of mold. Another thing is that the washed things need to be dried somewhere.

Ideally, you should dry your clothes after washing on the balcony or outside. Also, special drying cabinets are suitable for this purpose, but not every apartment has a place for such equipment. It is recommended to regularly ventilate the room to avoid excessive moisture and the spread of fungal bacteria. If this is not done, mold may develop after a while.

There are different types of clothes dryers in stores for every pocket, but you can also make them yourself from plastic pipes. Today we will tell you how to dry things in an apartment or house, while taking up a minimum of space.

Drying machine. A standalone machine that dries laundry in less than half an hour is a tempting prospect. Only it costs a lot of money, and you need to find a place for it. In a private house, you can hide it under the stairs or place it in the bath, if there is space.

Terry towel. An ordinary washing machine also squeezes out clothes well at high speeds, but not dry. It is good if it has a separate function for drying clothes. Otherwise, you can put a clean, dry terry towel next to the washed laundry and turn on the spin function. This will make things less damp and dry faster.

Floor dryer. There are a lot of varieties of this device, there are even electric floor dryers for things. Although the design is designed for one batch of washed items, it can be folded away anywhere.

Ceiling dryer. The construction, short, is screwed under the ceiling and, if necessary, is lowered to dry the laundry. The most convenient location is a balcony, where you can ventilate the room, and the dryer will not take up space. If there is no balcony, it can be screwed in any other corner of the house.

Wall dryer. It fits neatly instead of a cabinet in the bathroom, on the balcony or in the room.

Battery dryer. It is mounted on hinges, so it can be attached to any other ledge in the house.

It is very easy to choose a dryer according to your taste and financial capabilities, just know the suitable dimensions.

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