Jun 9, 2022
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How to drive on roads with pits so as not to damage the car: actionable tips

How to drive on roads with pits so as not to damage the car: actionable tips

Every day, motorists have to overcome many obstacles on the road, such as pits and potholes. In particular, all this can seriously damage the suspension and other parts of the body, writes RBC-Ukraine.

What to do to keep the car intact – read below.

What causes falling into a hole

Under the main blow are wheels, rims and tires, which can be damaged. There may be a side cut.

Suspension and steering may also be damaged. It is important to remember that if the blow in the pit was strong, but it seems to you that everything is in order, then after a while problems may make themselves felt.

Another danger is the loss of control, namely, the transport can turn sharply.

Driver mistakes

The main mistake is that the driver moves quickly and notices the pit at the last moment and it is no longer possible to go around it. In this case, from the car that is driving in front, it is worth keeping a distance and moving at a speed that will allow you to brake urgently in case of emergency.

Also, another mistake is that, having noticed a hole, drivers try to slow down at the last moment, as a result, they fall into it even harder. The impact is stronger than during normal movement, which means that the likelihood of damage to the car increases.

Note that it is worth braking to an obstacle, and immediately before the roughness, abruptly release the brake. Then the springs will open and unload the front axle, which will make it easier to slip through the obstacle and not damage the car’s suspension.

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