Oct 11, 2021
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How to drill a tile

How to drill a tile

When drilling tiles, you must adhere to some rules.

Everyone ever has a question about how to properly drill a tile. After all, tile is a rather fragile material and any wrong movement can lead to a crack. Therefore, when drilling a tile, you should adhere to some rules.

Drill selection


Especially for drilling holes in tiles, as well as glass, the industry produces specialized drills. They differ slightly from traditional drills for metal or wood.

Such drills do not have a spiral along the entire length, and at the end there is a cutting part in the form of a feather. If such a drill is not at hand, then a drill for concrete may work. Such a drill has a soldered tip resembling the feather of a drill for ceramics (glass, tiles). Keep in mind, however, that drilling with such a drill will be more of a hassle.

Tool selection

Any drill or screwdriver with a speed controller will do as a tool. Because drilling should take place at reduced speeds, then the choice of tool must be approached wisely. A drill or screwdriver must be able to smoothly adjust the speed in the lower limits.

If the drill is an impact drill, then this impact function should be turned off. Otherwise, you will not drill, but simply break the tile.

Drilling technology

It is necessary to drill carefully so that the tile does not crack.

So, we figured out the tool and drills. We proceed to the drilling stage.

It should be noted right away that the drilling process will take much longer than if you were drilling wood or metal.

Drilling tiles or glass should be done at low speeds so as not to overheat the drill. Also, you should not put excessive force on the drill.

The drilling process can be interrupted periodically to cool the drill.

As you get closer to the base of the tile, you can slightly increase the speed, but at the same time reduce the pressure on the drill.

After you have drilled the tile layer, you can safely change the drill bit to drill the material underneath. However, you should be careful here too! Any deviation of the drill from the perpendicular, drilled into the tile backing, the hole can lead to damage to the tile.

Related Tips

  • To make drilling easier, wet the hole and drill bit with water;
  • The cordless screwdriver is the most optimal tool for drilling tiles and glass;
  • To prevent the drill from moving out of the intended place, stick masking tape on the tile;
  • Use diamond core bits for drilling large holes.
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