Mar 29, 2021
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How to detox your body

How to detox your body

Cleansing the body is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are trying to lose weight, you just need to get rid of all toxins and toxins that pollute your body. But you need to detoxify correctly so as not to injure the body.

And today we will share with you the rules of detox for weight loss and recovery from Henri Chenot. A well-known nutritionist always gives good advice.

Balance your diet

To make it easier for the body to work and assimilate all the most useful elements from food, you need to adjust the diet. And this is perhaps the main rule of detox. The body should receive daily polyunsaturated fatty amino acids, vitamin C and probiotics in sufficient quantities. It is necessary to form a daily menu so that it contains products containing these substances.

Some products can be replaced with drugs, if you fundamentally do not eat something. For example, our body really needs vitamins contained in fatty fish, but not everyone uses it. The need for these vitamins can be replenished with fish oil capsules.

You need to build a diet competently so that the body does not lack any vitamins and minerals. Then digestion will work as it should, and the body will cope much more efficiently with the accumulated toxins.

Make the right menu

According to Henri Chenot’s method, the detox should last 3 days. These days, your diet should be based on grains and vegetables containing fiber. Onion and garlic must be added to the menu. Every morning you need to drink a glass of water with lemon. A short walk in the fresh air in the morning does not hurt, so you will feel much better. At night you need to drink a glass of water with honey and lemon juice.

You should choose the detox diet menu for yourself. In general, the entire Chenot technique is based on the fact that each person needs an individual approach. A sample menu will look like this.

Breakfast: one glass of chopped fruit and one glass of chopped vegetable. They can be anything as long as you like them. After breakfast, it’s good to have a cup of green tea.

Lunch: one fruit as an aperitif. Vegetable salad dressed with one tablespoon of refined vegetable oil with lemon juice. 60 g of rice with vegetable sauce.

Dinner: steamed vegetables and 60 g of rice.

Schedule your detox

Such a diet should not last longer than three days, because then it turns into a real stress for the body. And it is also not worth it to carry out it more often than once a month. The dietitian advises to make a schedule for the month ahead, set aside special days for the diet, when you will not be too busy and will be able to make time for yourself.

Tune in to detox

It is very important! After all, everything needs to be done with the right attitude, then it will be much easier. The basis of a successful detox is a good mood. Set specific goals for yourself, understand why you need all this, and get down to business.

Start every morning with a smile. Open the curtains, take a deep breath, smile at the world – now life is getting better. Do a little warm-up, stretch well. This will help to cheer up and recharge with a good mood. Remember, it is important to cleanse not only your body, but also your mind.

Take care of your digestion

A French nutritionist gives a lot of advice, one of them is: if you don’t want digestive problems, never use laxatives during detox. You need to treat your body very carefully so as not to harm. Laxatives disrupt the intestinal microflora, cause discomfort and can severely harm digestion. You can use these funds only when necessary.

Increase your sleep time

Everything is interconnected. Henri Chenot first of all draws attention to the relationship between healthy sleep and the state of the whole organism. Without a well-established sleep regimen, no detoxification will have the desired effect. During detox, normal sleep is essential for the body to be able to recuperate.

Find time for SPA treatments

Detoxification days are the best time for spa treatments and relaxation. If it is not possible to go for a massage or body wrap in the salon, you can arrange a relaxing procedure at home. For example, you can make a sesame oil and sea salt scrub to cleanse your body. You can choose a scrub according to your taste. Thanks to the procedures, the diet will be much easier and more pleasant.

Prepare a detox cocktail

Henri Chenot pays special attention to the fact that a proper detox program is impossible without a special cleansing cocktail. To prepare it, mix 300 ml of carrot and 100 ml of beet juice in a blender, add 60 ml of cabbage puree, 3 tsp. barley sprouts and 4 cloves of garlic. Grind all this well in a blender and drink one glass every two to three hours. And so all three days.

Thanks to this cocktail, the body will be cleansed of toxins. You can choose the detox drink you like best.

Stay on course

After a detox, it is very important not to break loose and go all out. You need to return to your usual diet smoothly. At first, you need to limit portions, and do not forget to drink plenty of water, limit the use of alcohol and carbonated drinks. More fresh vegetables and fruits, less fatty foods and less sugar.

Do not overdo it

This principle works for any procedure. Moderation is important in everything so as not to harm. If you do everything without unnecessary fanaticism, you will get a positive experience that will help you on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

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