Jun 28, 2020
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How to determine that your biological field is damaged, and how to restore it as soon as possible

How to determine that your biological field is damaged, and how to restore it as soon as possible

Energy “breakdowns” happen quite often in all people without exception. They can be caused by problems in life, illness, spoilage or severe fatigue. Experts will tell you how to understand that your biological field is damaged, and how to repair it.

Remember: even in difficult periods, when you are deprived of confidence and strength, and your biofield is weak and has cracks, you can remain on the wave of good luck. Three strong conspiracies for happiness will help you with this.

A person feels that luck has turned away from him. When the energy field is partially or completely destroyed, luck turns away from the person. In the most difficult situations, the person begins to happen exactly what he is most afraid of. For example, if there is a strong fear of losing a job, this is what happens. Fear of losing love can also come true. In a word, only all the worst materializes.

I don’t want to do anything. Laziness and apathy are not always symptoms of fatigue. A person with a damaged biofield does not want to do anything. He does not care what happens to him, when, why. Also, problems with the biofield can lead to the disappearance of inspiration. The world seems to be turning gray and lifeless.

First of all, find out what is the source of the problem.. After all, the destruction of the aura of a person happens for a reason. It is not at all difficult to identify the cause. The main thing is not to delay the recovery process, but also to tackle it as intensively as possible, because even after identifying the problem, it will still negatively affect the person.

Perhaps this is just fatigue. A breakdown in the biofield may appear due to the fact that a person constantly works and has little rest, and there is a lot of stress and problems at work. In this mode, there is nothing surprising in the presence of problems with the biofield. In such a situation, you should either change jobs or take a vacation. One day off will not solve anything. It is necessary to radically change the rhythm of life.

It may be interacting with unpleasant people.. Energy vampires suck energy out of people, but sometimes it becomes noticeable right away. It is necessary to analyze all friends and acquaintances for the presence of personalities that are impossible to be near, because they infect with negative or manipulate. Communication with them must be stopped completely and irrevocably. It is also useful to use charms from the evil eye and damage.

Diseases, bad habits. Sometimes a person has a weak immune system, because of which he constantly has a cold. Or he started his health with cigarettes or alcohol. You should get rid of bad habits once and for all. Immunity is easily strengthened by systematic physical loads, proper nutrition and sleep patterns.

Less watch TV, discuss something negative, argue and swear. You need to learn how to spend your free time to good use.

Think less about the negative past. What happened is gone. Only with this attitude can you clear yourself of the negative and strengthen your biofield by patching holes in it.

More often to be in nature. A change of scenery is a very important aspect of energy health. Experts at advise walking more, getting out of town. Nature greatly strengthens the biofield, but nothing changes from one exit from the house per month.

To be engaged in creativity. It is necessary to develop creative abilities. New skills strengthen the biofield. When a person learns something or creates something with his own hands, this helps him strengthen his aura.

If a person has taken the right path, then he needs to support himself and stay on this path of becoming a strong aura. It is necessary to communicate with nice people, to prevent the appearance of negative personalities in life. Human energy is constantly changing, it is flexible and depends on lifestyle.

Passive sources of power can be very useful: minerals, plants, jewelry, talismans. All this plays a very important role in becoming good luck.

Also, experts advise as little as possible to pay attention to hatred and negative from the outside. It is worth accepting that the world will never be perfect. But in your thoughts he can become one. Remember the law of attraction: the more you think about good, the more often this happens in your life.

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