Sep 23, 2022
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How to design an African-style living room: ideas for inspiration

How to design an African-style living room: ideas for inspiration

Walls (and any other large objects and surfaces in the room) are covered with thick earthy colors like maroon, chocolate, tawny or dark green with yellow, marsh.

Cover the floor with a light sand or ivory woven grass covering. It is very pleasant to walk barefoot on this floor. You can, if desired (and if the room is large enough) in sections, grouping the furniture into zones, cover the floor with colored rugs with African patterns.

In a small room, it is better to leave the entire floor light.

The same covering (from straw, sisal, reed) can be placed on the wall, while creating a logical completed space near the sofa area, for example.

Live plants look great against the background of natural color. There must be many. Plant flowers in wicker baskets. They can be of an unusual shape: very narrow and tall, with a shock of low-growing flowering plants, flowing, weaving. Or you can use low and wide baskets.

Choose the appropriate vessel for each flower. Group flowers, create lawns. At the same time, it is not necessary to plant groups in one common vessel; small pots can be placed inside a large box. Box – paste over with straw or braid with willow twigs. You can take out the plants if necessary when they fade and replace them with others to your liking.

The space between small pots can be covered with pebbles. You can build a complex of different heights from several boxes, completely filling it with plants – you get a kind of hill, overgrown with flowers.

Woven wall coverings can accommodate African masks and carvings in ebony and other precious woods. Various figurines of African animals or stylized girls with water vessels on their heads will add extravagance.

Get very fashionable now wicker rattan furniture, it will create a feeling of bulge and texture, a feeling of lightness and filling with air and light. Place all kinds of wicker tables, African stools, baskets. You can put away a warm fluffy blanket made of natural wool in the basket. Low chests of drawers of dark wood from the time of colonization will be very useful. Don’t overcrowd the room with tall furniture, let the upper space be filled with air and light. Give this place to flowers. You can place a wooden bookcase of light construction in the corner, and on it – a cage with parrots or canaries.

Use textiles with a printed pattern, batik for pillows, tablecloths, blankets. On the fabrics there can be drawings of animals or their skins: zebra, leopard, traditional African ornaments. All these various patterns can be freely combined together, creating a wealth of colors.

For curtains, you can also use light natural fabrics of simple weaves. If you want to complement the curtains with blackout curtains, use unbleached linen with synthetic fibers added so that they do not wrinkle much.

  • You can use wooden blinds or their imitation.
  • Put original table lamps in the form of outlandish fruits.
  • There should be a lot of sun in the room, let it play on green foliage and break on wicker surfaces into living warm snakes.
  • Avoid shiny plastic surfaces, everything should be as close to natural materials as possible.
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