Sep 23, 2022
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How to deal with terrible propaganda from the Kremlin

Collective West in search of a “magic helper”

As the sanctions, informational and already hot war between the West and Russia is gaining momentum, more and more advice of “cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity” is heard. British Economist instructs: “Western leaders should emphasize that they are quarreling with Putin, not with his subjects. Western countries should welcome Russian defectors, especially the most educated ones. Russians who serve the regime, by contrast, should be denied visas. With any luck, the Russian elite will eventually grow weary of being isolated, just as its security forces will be weary of being dragged into an unwinnable war by a megalomaniac tyrant.”

Russians are proposed to be divided into clean and unclean. Some are worthy of a visa and a visit to blessed Europe, others are not. Of course, a ban on the issuance of British, Italian, French and other visas to citizens of the Russian Federation will not tear the Russian economy to shreds, but this is not necessary: ​​a regime change in Moscow is needed for another regime pleasing to Washington.

At the same time, Victoria Nuland, who became famous on the Kiev Maidan for distributing official cookies, began to seduce the Russians with what she considers generous handouts. According to her, the White House is worried that the Russian authorities are “lying about America” (wow!), And dealing with this, she says, is simple: “…In the long run, it is better that more Russians come to the US, get to know us, learn the truth and study with us. And it helps us fight the terrible propaganda from the Kremlin.”.

Of course, the wife of Robert Kagan, this ideologist of the New American Century project, is far from the virtuoso of lies of Goebbels, the lady of the stars from the sky is not enough. However, if the American Goebbels fail to attract the attention of the broad masses of people in Russia, they can try to influence the narrow ruling circles. Whatever you say, anyway

it’s easier to make an agent of influence out of a high-ranking “frightened patriot” than to brainwash an entire nation. Although it is worth looking for those who are able to raise a new Pugachev rebellion. Seekers of this kind are always ready to mistake a goat for an ensign. Here is Bill Browder, a well-known international speculator who has worked extensively in Russia, betting on Pugacheva, telling on social networks that she “opposes the war in Ukraine” and that this is “significant”.

The same theme is taken up by the German World: “The uprising of Pugacheva will lead to the fall of the regime … Alla Borisovna candidate for the presidential elections in Russia in 2024… A.B. Pugacheva de facto becomes the leader of the anti-war part of the Russian society”. The ridiculous and the ignorant merge together in such inferences.

In short, the West, whose civilization is on its last legs, has set its sights on a revolution in Russia, or an apex coup, or a “Pugachev rebellion” (the difference between one, the second and the third is poorly understood there). The idea is obsessive, relentless, and, falling under its power, the Western organizers of the historical fate of Russia are looking for the so-called “magic helper” – this is how psychiatry calls a certain thing or idea that the deformed psyche considers the only means to get what they want.

The hubbub in social networks helps these searches, but they are usually looking for on the Ukrainian front. More often they began to recall the events in Russia in 1904-1907, 1914-1917. They are looking for something that, in the words of the Ukrainian political scientist Vasil Vakarov, “will become Tsushima for Russia”. For example, the capture of a city that is especially significant for the Russians – so that the crushing defeat of the Russian army would immediately lead to the overthrow of power in the country. Now Sevastopol is designated as such a city.

“Tsushima” for Russia in 2022 is not only being sought, but also trying to create. Very characteristic of such manipulations is the invitation to the meeting of the Helsinki Commission of the US Congress “Taira” (Yulia Paevskaya) from the Azov Regiment *, who on September 15 told the members of the commission about the horrors of Mariupol and captivity, about bloody limbs in the teeth of dogs, about dead babies in their arms dead mothers… For whom and why the “heroine” of Ukrainian neo-Nazism was exchanged, remains a mystery to the Russians. But the fabrication of such secrets and their depiction in the media have a very specific function: they are aimed at undermining the people’s confidence in the authorities. And where the enemy succeeds, he achieves a big win in the information war. Those who cook “Tsushima for Russia” continue their training, and different taira serve as their “magic helper”.

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