Mar 30, 2021
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How to create a friendly family atmosphere

How to create a friendly family atmosphere

Previously, no one could have thought that there could be someone in the delivery ward, except for the woman in labor and midwives, now you will not surprise anyone with partner births. The presence of a husband during childbirth has long been a normal practice. However, some parents went further. Some mothers allow older children to be present when siblings are born.

So did the heroine of our story – Catherine Cook. Today we are telling you her story, and also reflecting on whether it is right to invite children to the maternity ward.

During mom’s pregnancy, older children often feel insecure and even devastated. Mom is busy with the troubles of the future baby, and the children are left alone with many questions and their worries. Soon, another person will appear in their family, it takes time to accept this.

However, this is not the case with everyone; some children are looking forward to the birth of a brother or sister and even want to see it. So it happened with 10-year-old Kayla. Her mother, Catherine Cook, was preparing for the birth of her third child and invited her eldest daughter to attend.

This proposal would have frightened many children, or at least surprised, but Kayla happily agreed. She spent all the time with her mother and was one of the first who were lucky enough to pick up and hug a newborn baby.

This story was shared on Instagram by photographer Paulina Splechta, who specializes in capturing the process of childbirth. The photographer herself admitted that she herself had previously thought about allowing the eldest daughter to be present at the birth of the youngest. Then the plan did not come true, but thanks to the Cook family, she was able to watch such an event though.

Neither the parents, nor the paramedics, nor the photographer could foresee how the birth would go and how little Kayla would react to it. However, everything went perfectly: both mom and baby coped with their tasks. It was important for Katherine to feel the support of her daughter, and for Kayla it was an incredible experience.

The girl did not hold back her emotions. In the pictures of Paulina Splechta, you can see how at first Kayla was extremely excited, and then became enthusiastic. It seems to us that now a special bond will be established between the older and younger children. Paulina’s followers appreciated her pictures, noting how sincere emotions she managed to capture.

However, not everyone was overjoyed. Many criticized the mother for such a peculiar decision and said that the little girl had no place in the delivery ward. People were literally divided into two camps. After all, it is difficult to say how natural it is for a child to be present at the birth of his mother.

The doctors did not come to a common opinion, but everyone agrees on one thing – the final decision is up to the family. It is necessary to take into account many factors: the psychological readiness of the child, his age and character. Some doctors insist that children under 5 are too young for such an unusual experience. You also need to take into account the nature of the mother herself, because the presence of an older child can only complicate an already difficult process.

It is difficult to say unequivocally whether it is necessary to take the child to the delivery ward. Children over 10 years old already understand a lot, and it will be quite difficult for them to cope with what they see. The most difficult thing is to see the pain and suffering of the mother. The child’s psyche is vulnerable, and it is impossible to foresee how the child will cope with such a shock.

If you still decide on such an event, you definitely need to prepare the child. Parents should carefully approach this issue and explain to the child what he can see. The child must be aware and mentally prepared for this. In medical institutions that practice this, children and parents are also provided with all the necessary assistance.

In general, the issue is quite controversial and controversial, one cannot say for sure. Families who have experienced such an experience assure that for older children this did not become a trauma at all. And you can see how Kayla glows with happiness, hugging her sister. Other parents are convinced that this is already too much.

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