Aug 16, 2022
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How to convince parents to buy a phone

How to convince parents to buy a phone

Immediately the question is: why persuade? It is necessary to give such strong arguments in favor of the purchase that the parents themselves want to make it. This method is more reliable, beautiful and – most importantly – the gift is no longer considered as a gift, but as a jointly made right decision, which means you don’t need to pay for it … what do they usually do there in a fit of gratitude? This is what you don’t need. Just “Thank you” and that’s it. So, methods of persuasion.

Method 1. It is necessary to show that the phone is the same necessary thing as, say, a watch. Parents can always call and find out where their child is. And you can also activate the “beacon” service and determine the location of a given object without calling him – and this, you see, is very convenient. True, the phone in this case should also be modern (this argument is for those who want not just a phone, but a good phone). In addition, a good phone keeps in touch in all weather conditions, and a bad phone – a little rain or wind, is already “out of range”.

In general, you need to show as much as possible the benefits for parents from the fact that their child owns a phone. Any arguments (but justified and sounding weighty) can be used. For example, the phone has a notebook – it will remind you what needs to be done and at what time. You can write down all the birthdays and congratulate numerous relatives in time. The phone has an alarm clock, and since your favorite phone rings, it will not suffer the fate of an ordinary alarm clock broken one morning in a rush, etc.

Method 2. If the parents are progressive and understand everything that is described above themselves, you need to show the importance of the phone in the circle of peers as an indicator of the prestige of their child. Every parent wants only the best for their child, and maybe he will not agree to the coolest model, but he will definitely buy something not for 2 thousand. It is necessary to explain to parents that a good phone is like a tape recorder 20 years ago – they will understand. In general, an excursion into their youth will benefit both parties – at such moments the parents are sentimental, and when a person is in a good mood and lyrically, he is more disposed to make gifts or agree to them.

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