Oct 18, 2021
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How to clean yellowed fur from yellowness

How to clean yellowed fur from yellowness

We will tell you not only how to clean the fur from yellowness, but also from various contaminants.

So, a fur product, even if it is made of artificial fur, is quite expensive, therefore, before doing any manipulations, you need to understand what you are dealing with. Depending on the type of contamination / problem and the type of fur, further actions will depend.

Fur problems can be as follows

  • The moth ate the fur thing. Here, unfortunately, it is too late to wave fists after a fight. If you stored a fur thing incorrectly or did not process it with anything to scare off the moth, then alas, there is only one way out – you will have to change the fur or the entire product.
  • The fur has burnt out and lost its color. White fur is not only easily soiled, but also capricious – it does not like direct sunlight, from which it can fade and lose color. By the way, take a note – when buying a thing made of light fur, do not take the model in the window.
  • Discolored spots. Remember that essential oils and perfumes have a detrimental effect on fur – they leave light spots, so when you perfume, apply the fragrance to the body, but not to the fur. Here, at home, nothing can be helped either.
  • Deformation of the fur and / or leather base occurs when a fur coat is dried on a battery.
  • Fur coloration. High boots made of natural suede can easily stain the fur, so it is better to wear such shoes not with fur products.

In the case of fur things, preventing problems from occurring is not only much easier than dealing with their consequences, but also less expensive. Therefore, when storing fur items further into the closet, do not forget to put them in plastic covers or covers made of natural materials.

It is best to store things with fur in a dry, cool and dark place; it is also necessary to regularly clean and comb the fur with special brushes.

How to clean fur from yellowness at home

The most common problem is the appearance of yellowness on light fur, which occurs when stored improperly and after many years.

Getting rid of yellowness on white fur

  1. Take potato starch and sprinkle it thoroughly on the fur item, then make movements as if you are washing the item. This action must be done within 15-20 minutes. After that, shake off the thing well and comb out the fur with special brushes.
  2. Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide – 1 teaspoon per glass of water, add a little ammonia to it and sprinkle the resulting solution on the fur from a spray bottle. Hang the fur garment on a hanger and leave to dry. Important! The brushing method depends on the length of the fur hair. If the hair is long, then the movements should follow the growth of the fur, if short, then against the fur.
  3. Greasy stains from the cuffs and collar are well removed with cotton soaked in the following solution: a tablespoon of salt and 2 ml of ammonia are taken for 100 ml of water. You can also try using gasoline.

How to clean yellow fox fur at home

Take equal amounts of alcohol, water and vinegar. Apply the solution in movements depending on the length of the fur, then blot the fur with a napkin or dry rag, then dry and only then comb out the fur.

How to clean faux fur

Recently, winter products made from faux fur have become more and more popular. They are not only cheaper than natural fur, but sometimes they look no worse, but on the contrary – stylish and youthful.

However, such things must also be looked after and worn carefully. One of the rules is that things made of faux fur cannot be stored folded.

They also need to be treated with moth repellents.

The yellowness from faux fur is removed as follows: take a glass of water and denatured alcohol (i.e. technical alcohol), mix them and add a drop of glycerin. This solution does an excellent job with yellow spots, but does not work for colored products.

However, if you are still not sure whether you can handle fur cleaning at home, then the safest way is to contact a dry cleaner.

There, you are guaranteed to clean the thing properly. The main thing is to choose the one with a good reputation and keep all receipts and documents.

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