Dec 31, 2020
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How to clean the shower cabin?

How to clean the shower cabin?

Are the glass of the shower stall covered with a deposit? And this happens to almost everyone, if the glass every time after taking a shower, do not immediately wipe it dry. If you do not yet have this miracle of engineering, and you are just wondering which cabin to buy for yourself, then we advise you to read our earlier article.

After reading it, you will understand what you need to pay attention to first of all, and how the different varieties of this shower device differ. Well, for those who already have a shower stall in the bathroom and who, despite all the courting for it, have an ugly plaque on their windows and our next useful advice is addressed.

How to wash a shower cabin if its glass is coated with water?

Sometimes, in some cases, chemistry does not help, and if it does, then, as a rule, expensive drugs. But you and I are used to doing without them. It is so? What can be done in this case?

The shower cabin is perfectly cleaned by citric acid. As versatile as baking soda. Helps in many cases. So, we are preparing our cleaning composition to wash the glass of the shower stall: we take about twenty grams of citric acid in a glass of water (better hot so that the lemon dissolves quickly). Then we pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle and use it to spray the walls of the shower stall.

We stand for ten minutes. Everything is “eaten away”! The only drawback with this method is a rather pungent smell, but still it pleases that it is harmless. Unlike those chemical odors that household cleaning products give.

Now you know how to do this without the use of chemicals. And yet, the stove is very well washed using a similar method, using the same citric acid.

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