Nov 23, 2021
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How to clean shower glass without expensive products

How to clean shower glass without expensive products

Shower cubicle is a great alternative to a bulky bathtub

In order for the new shower cubicle to delight you with its appearance and cleanliness as long as possible, you should properly care for it.
Modern families increasingly prefer to change the bathtub to a shower cabin during renovations. It takes up less space, and water is consumed more economically. But the novelty has one significant drawback: the glass very quickly becomes covered with limescale.

However, you can simply get rid of it without resorting to the help of highly effective chemicals from the store.

The following tools will help you clean your bathroom:

Vinegar. Dilute 2 tbsp in 500 ml of water. tablespoons of vinegar. Shake well, pour into a spray bottle and spray the cab windows before each cleaning. After half an hour, all stains will be easily washed off.

Lemon acid. The preparation method and proportions are the same as in the vinegar situation. Just add a whole bag of acid to the water instead. This “spray” will wash away even stubborn stains.

Ammonia. Dissolve one tablespoon of ammonia in a liter of water. Moisten a soft cloth with this solution and carefully wipe the glass of the shower stall.

Hydrogen peroxide. This method is more suitable for frequent use: wipe the glass of the booth every two days with a non-woven cloth, abundantly moistened with hydrogen peroxide.

To make the cockpit glass sparkle like the sides of crystal glasses on a gala evening, wipe the glass with a soft cloth slightly moistened with glass cleaner.

In addition, the right choice of a rag or sponge for washing the booth will be the key to cleanliness in the bathroom. Remember: sponges that are too hard will not work here, as they can scratch the glass. Ordinary cotton rags are also ineffective. But non-woven napkins or microfiber cloths are the most optimal and inexpensive option.

And one more piece of advice in the end: so that you don’t have to wipe away stubborn stains for hours, make yourself a rule – wipe the cabin windows with well-absorbing napkins after each visit to the bathroom.

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