Oct 12, 2021
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How to clean a perch

How to clean a perch

An easy way to clean a perch, read on

Cleaning the perch is a lot of hassle. The fins of the perch are very sharp and easily injured. He also has thick and slippery skin. However, catching this fish is quite interesting – bright and lively bites do not leave indifferent any angler!

So, an easy way to clean a perch.

Making incisions

First you need to arm yourself with a sharp knife. And if you do not have the skills to clean fish, then I recommend also arm yourself with a small piece of rag that you do not mind throwing away. It can hold the perch so that it does not slip and hurt you.

We make an incision in the neck of the fish’s head from the side of the vertebra. Cut to the front fins. It is not necessary to completely cut off the head!

The next step is to make two long incisions from the head to the tail along the spine. One cut from one part of the dorsal fin, the other from the back. Cutting depth approx. 3-6 mm. depending on the size of the perch. If you look at our poor perch from above, then visually it will be cut into three components – the left part, the right part and a strip along the vertebral bone.


That’s all! There is little left to do. We grab our fish with one hand by the middle incised part from the side of the head, and by the corner of the skin with the other hand. And rip off the skin from the meat towards the belly. The same should be done on the other side. After that, pull the head of the perch towards the tail.

That’s all. This is how I advise everyone to clean the perch!

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