Nov 23, 2021
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How to choose tools for painting

How to choose tools for painting

Let’s take a look at the basic painting tools, the features of their use, and also learn how to choose the right tools for painting a room.

For painting, a special set of tools is required. With their help, a high-quality finishing of the premises is achieved.

With the wrong choice of painting tools during the repair, streaks, unpainted areas are formed, and elements of the brush bristles remain in the coating.

Types of tools and their application

Various tools are used to perform high-quality wall painting.

Trays, paper towels, buckets, rollers, brushes and spray guns are used in many jobs.

Paint rollers are used for a large amount of work

Walls, floors and ceilings are quicker and easier to paint with rollers. In hard-to-reach places, on the contrary, the roller is not able to paint the surface with high quality. The painting surface of the roller is called a coat.


The roller coat is selected depending on the surface to be painted.

There are the following roller coats

  • acrylic rollers differ in pile length, are highly absorbent;
  • foam rollers are intended for applying water-based paint, as other paint can corrode foam rubber. It absorbs paint well, has various pile sizes and quickly takes shape;
  • velor rollers are used for painting flat surfaces;
  • for applying acrylic paints, polyester rollers are used;
  • rubber rollers contribute to the creation of a painting relief.

To paint uneven or hard-to-reach surfaces, use scissor rollers and corner rollers.


The most common roller length is 250 cm, but professionals use longer rollers with a telescopic handle for painting large surfaces.

Paint brushes are distinguished by shape, size and bristle

Brushes are made from natural and artificial fibers, from bristles of a mixed type. The following brushes are divided according to the form and method of use:

  • a flat brush is used to paint small parts with enamel;
  • a swinging brush of a round shape is needed for whitewashing, with its help you can paint over all hard-to-reach places;
  • the radiator brush is narrow and designed for painting over the smallest parts;
  • the paneling brush has a diameter of 5-16 mm, it is used for precise and small works of high precision;
  • in order to smooth the painted surface, use a hard-bristled facing brush.

The next painting tool is a spray gun.

The principle of its operation consists in paint, which, under air pressure, flies out of the spray gun and is distributed over the surface. Spray guns are divided into manual, electric and pneumatic devices.

spray gun

When working with spray guns, they use masking tapes, which prevent paint from getting on foreign surfaces. This paint application method is used when it is necessary to paint over a large area without small details.

When choosing painting tools, it is important to pay attention to the following nuances

  1. Consider the paint you are working with. Otherwise, the roller or brush will deteriorate after the first use.
  2. When choosing a brush, pay attention to its frame, which holds the villi. It must be metallic. Before buying, pull the villi, their loss indicates the unreliability of the brush.
  3. When choosing a roller, focus on the surface you are going to paint. If the surface is large, you need to buy a roller with a thick fur coat. Also, when purchasing a roller, check the roller consumption to calculate the amount of paint.
  4. Buy a roller when painting large flat surfaces. If you need to paint small details, we recommend purchasing brushes of different sizes.
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