Nov 18, 2021
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How to choose the right pan?

How to choose the right pan?

It is important to protect a new frying pan from sudden temperature changes and mechanical damage.

The flavor of cooked food often depends on the quality of the pan itself. The hostess can have several of them at once with different bottom thicknesses and wall heights, of different diameters. If it is not possible to buy several pans, you can buy one, but good. This will give you the perfect kitchen utensil for years to come.

Types of modern pans

Modern cookware can be made from different materials and can have different frying surface coatings. This should be taken into account before you decide to buy a frying pan in Ukraine on a verified website.


The most common are Teflon, which is made from aluminum. Among the positive characteristics, it is worth noting:

  • light weight;
  • easy to clean;
  • food is cooked with a little fat.

But they must not be overheated and you need to carefully use the utensils so as not to scratch the surface, otherwise the frying pan will last no more than 1 year.

From ceramics

The ceramic surface is designed for high heat, so you can cook food with a little oil. Such a frying pan will heat up evenly and quickly, but the material is demanding to care for. You need to wash the utensils with your hands with an alkali-free product. If used carefully, the pan will last up to 2 years.

Marble coated

The marble coating is similar in properties to Teflon, but stronger and more durable thanks to the addition of marble chips. There are also some properties of cast iron cookware, while the pan does not have a lot of weight. Such a coating, by the way, cools slowly, heats up quickly. It is important to protect the pan from sudden temperature changes and mechanical damage. We recommend choosing a frying pan with a 5-layer coating and a bottom thickness of 6 mm or more. Marble dishes serve for a long time.

Titanium or granite coating

The most reliable and most expensive. Such dishes:

  • warms up evenly;
  • wear-resistant;
  • harmless and relatively lightweight.

However, it is not recommended to use such pans on induction cookers. Then it will serve for more than 25 years.

How to choose the right pan?

Selection tips from experts

When planning to buy a frying pan, you should not choose the cheap option, because this way you do not save, but, on the contrary, spend more (in the future). If you still want to save money and do not allow finances to spend more, you can take a closer look at the cast iron dishes. This is a versatile frying pan that can be used to cook any dish. Nice and cheap stainless steel pan. She is able to preserve the taste and aroma of dishes as much as possible during cooking. She, like cast iron, is durable. She is not afraid of mechanical damage.

During cooking, the food must be stirred so that it does not stick. But it is worth saying right away – it is difficult to cook scrambled eggs on it. The stainless-coated copper pan heats up and cools down quickly. Such properties create inconvenience during cooking, since the heating must be constantly monitored. All this suggests that there are cheap analogs, but you will lose a lot of nerves before you decide to buy something more expensive anyway.

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