Apr 17, 2021
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How to choose the right color, shape and material of feng shui dishes

How to choose the right color, shape and material of feng shui dishes

Feng Shui is an ancient oriental teaching about the harmonization of space. Great attention in feng shui is paid to the kitchen, as well as everything that will be in it. It turns out that you can attract good luck into your life with the right choice of dishes.

Feng Shui provides tons of helpful tips on overall kitchen space planning, but there are also helpful tips on important little things in this teaching. Dishes are what we use every day. We eat and drink from it, we cook in it. Actually, therefore, it must be correct.

First rule – try to avoid large numbers red shades in the dishes. Feng Shui experts argue that while scarlet is the main magnet for Qi energy, it can also be problematic. The thing is that the kitchen is a serene item, and the red nuance has quite a lot of energy. There should be absolutely a drop on the red dishes. For example, it might not be an eye-catching pattern or drawing on a cup or plate.

White boiling nuance… This is the most important color for cookware, according to the advice of experts. The kitchen is a point of communication and gathering of close people and families. People there are fractionally found, and the white nuance symbolizes the purity of communication, openness, kindness and love. If you want shamovka and tea drinking techniques to run on a positive wave, white-boiled dishes will be ideal for you.

Black utensils… Scientists claim that black dishes reduce appetite and help you lose weight. From a feng shui point of view, there is nothing awful about this color. In addition to the fact that such dishes look very stylish, they also bring financial luck.

Emerald and yellow dishes… These colors bring in the life of people more warm-hearted and positive. Energy similar to cookware will help increase vitality and endurance. If your labor is very energy-intensive, buy yourself a yellow or green cup.

Cornflower-blue dishes… It is an ideal choice for those involved in intellectual activities. Cornflower blue enhances intuition, improves memory and helps to generate new ideas with greater efficiency. Don’t confuse cornflower blue with blue. Turquoise nuance helps to remove anxiety and gives fleshly strength. In this regard, turquoise dishes will also be healthy.

Wild color – not the most important choice for cookware, because it is completely neutral. If you are unsure about which dishes to choose, then you can temporarily have wild cups and plates.

According to Eastern teachings, it is harmless to choose dishes made from natural materials. The most suitable material for the energy of the room and people – wood… Wooden dishes are very beneficial for the good luck and health of all family members. Of course, spoons are the most enlightened wood products. They are very healthy to eat.

Porcelain, faience, clay and ceramics… These are materials of the elements of the Earth. They will help strengthen family ties and provoke the growth of warm feelings. With such dishes, people will swear less and more often come to harmony and mutual understanding.

Glass and crystal utensils bring peace to the house, which spreads even if you do not eat or drink from such utensils. It is more important to serve seafood on glass dishes, and it is more important to drink pure water from glass glasses, as if these materials represent the element of Water.

Plastic – the most harmful material. Scientists claim that it becomes unsafe when heated. Experts note that according to feng shui, soulless fake materials of the plastic subject have an extremely negative effect on luck and energy.

Aluminum and stainless steel Are two materials that make people more feverish and impulsive. Of these, it is more important to eat nothing if possible. It is more important to replace such pots and teapots with copper ones.

All there is to know about the desired shape of the crockery is the absence of sharp corners. Generally speaking, there are no other restrictions here. It is necessary to strive so that all the dishes – spoons, plates, forks and everything else – have as much rounded coffins as possible.

The dishes can be oval, round, false, but if they have sophisticated corners, it can make people who eat them cruel and withdrawn.

Do not forget that the dishes must be washed and looked after. Throw away what is broken or split. Don’t keep trash in your home, don’t leave dirty dishes overnight, and don’t forget to do feng shui cleaning throughout your apartment.

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