Oct 12, 2021
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How to choose the perfect sweater?

How to choose the perfect sweater?

In winter, oversized sweaters are ideal, but not for everyone.

Many people are constantly on the lookout for trendy, practical and comfortable items, especially in the off-season. You need to choose everything so that it is combined, looks beautiful and, at the same time, warms. Women’s clothing for the fall should also be chosen carefully, especially if you have to buy a sweater, because if everything is done correctly, the girl will feel comfortable in the purchased clothes. So what should you consider when choosing?

The composition of the thing

It is imperative to study the composition of the materials that were used in sewing, because if you skip this moment, then the thing will not be warm or will quickly lose its original appearance. In general, it is recommended to pay attention to models that were made from:

  1. Cashmere. These sweaters have an attractive look. They are ideal for long-term wear. But in order to put them in order, you need to contact a dry cleaner. After all, only specialists will be able to cope with stains, with abundant pellets.
  2. Wool. It is easier to care for sweaters made of this material. But if you choose things that consist only of wool, then in the process of long-term wearing, a person will feel discomfort. Therefore, professionals advise buying sweaters made of wool and synthetic fibers.
  3. Mohair. Sweaters made of this material keep their shape well, keep warm. But over time, pellets are formed on them. Therefore, you need to constantly take a sticky roller with you.
  4. Cotton. Cotton sweaters are great for fall and spring. It’s pretty easy to look after them. But for long walks, it is worth choosing things from other materials, since cotton does not retain heat well.

Sweaters sewn with synthetic fabrics do not retain heat well. It is optimal that the composition contains more natural material, then you will like the result of wearing. Take a look at, there are excellent models for any figure. If necessary, you can seek advice.

How to choose the perfect sweater?

Product size

In winter, oversized sweaters are ideal. They are suitable for almost all types of shapes. The only exception is girls with wide shoulders. For curvy girls, sweaters that open up the wrists are ideal. Another interesting option is straight cut sweaters. They are ideally combined with jackets, shirts or with a belt. Now all Gloria Jeans clothes in the catalog are of high quality and attractive. Therefore, choosing the appropriate model is not difficult.

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