Dec 29, 2020
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How to choose the perfect coat: stylist tips

How to choose the perfect coat: stylist tips

When choosing a coat, special attention should be paid to its style, material of manufacture, cut and fit.

With the onset of the first cold weather, many girls began to seriously think about buying a new coat. It’s worth noting that this is a pretty serious purchase and shouldn’t be done spontaneously. Therefore, before purchasing a new coat, you need to figure out how to choose the right one. There are several criteria to consider when choosing a new outerwear.


When choosing a coat, special attention should be paid to its style. It is recommended to buy clothes that fit the overall style. The item chosen should be universal so that all hats under the coat fit. An excellent choice would be models in the style of Max Mara. They are combined with different styles of clothing and are able to harmoniously complement any look.

Before buying a new coat, be sure to think about where to wear it. If you have to wear it every day to work, you don’t have to buy something too stylish. Any medium-length coat will do. People who have to walk a lot should choose shorter clothes. The optimal length is slightly below the knees. Too short a coat is also not worth choosing, especially if you have to wear it in winter.

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Manufacturing material

The choice of the material from which the coat is made largely depends on how often it will be worn. People who are going to wear it from mid-autumn to spring are better off buying the most durable models. The strongest and most durable materials include cashmere, tweed and wool.

Products made of velvet or velor are more beautiful. Moreover, they are completely impractical, since they wear out and lose their original appearance in literally one season. Coats made of leather or suede are also very high quality. However, you need to buy them only from trusted sellers.

Important! Some models are made from synthetic materials. You should not buy them for the winter, since synthetics do not retain heat well and you will not be able to keep warm in such a coat.

Fit to the figure

When choosing a coat for your figure, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Double-breasted or single-breasted. Double-breasted models look too bulky and therefore many people prefer to wear single-breasted ones. However, for girls who have too large breasts, they will not work. Such ladies will have to buy a more spacious double-breasted coat.
  • Lapels and collar. Large lapels are suitable for tall women. They will help to emphasize the slimness of the figure. It is better for petite ladies to buy a coat with a small collar.
  • Pockets. You shouldn’t buy a coat with patch pockets, as they create too many additional horizontal lines. It is better to choose models with pockets located in the hips. This will help to visually expand them and make them more voluminous.
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When buying a new coat, you should carefully examine its cut. This is done to visually assess the quality of the garment. In high-quality coat models, all seams are made accurately and accurately.

A professionally made cut can be recognized by the frequency of stitches and thread fineness. Global brands make seams in such a way that they are not visible. They should be hidden under the lining of the coat. If fur folds were used in the manufacture of the coat, the seams on them should be made invisible.

It is recommended to choose coat models in which a half-raglan is used as a sleeve cut. It is versatile and allows you to wear not only shirts, but also winter sweaters under your coat.

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