Feb 15, 2021
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How to choose stylish shoes

How to choose stylish shoes

Today our editorial office wants to share with you tips on the most successful choice of shoes from fashion guru Evelina Khromchenko. This socialite doesn’t just know a lot about fashion. She ate the dog on it, as they say.

Evelina has her own, very specific thoughts about what should be women’s shoes. However, we believe that her opinion can be safely guided when choosing shoes.

Khromchenko is sure that shoes are an essential element of a woman’s wardrobe. Evelina adheres to five iron rules when choosing shoes, and especially shoes.

Always choose high heels. In this rule, convenience goes aside, giving way to fashion. Beauty requires sacrifice. If you want to look really stylish and sophisticated, you have to endure a little. Although no one forbids you to choose the best option – comfortable high-heeled shoes ..

Stylish low-heeled shoes, according to the guru, simply do not exist. Remember that now there are a huge number of shoe models with a stable last that will be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Always choose shoes half a size larger than yours. In this situation, Evelina’s opinion is unshakable. First, your foot will swell horribly in smaller shoes. Secondly, it will be very uncomfortable for you to walk.

Khromchenko advises in no case to buy shoes that are too small for you to wear them to your size. You will break the shape of the shoe that was created by the designer and it will look very messy.

If you have already decided to spend your money on beautiful shoes, do not rush and take the first ones that come across. Better wait, but choose exactly the ones you want. And so that the size fits too!

Always stock up on classic shoes in neutral colors. Black or flesh-colored shoes are ideal. With them you will never go wrong.

Try to find a pair of flesh-colored shoes that match your skin tone, and never wear them with flesh-colored tights. Take only transparent matte tights for such shoes. Black shoes should be worn with thin translucent black tights or stockings.

Do not be afraid of patent and suede shoes. Such shoes will perfectly complement a festive look. Lacquered shoes are perfect for an evening dress, while suede shoes will gently dilute a strict office style.

Also, remember that suede shoes are not as fragile as you think. Yes, it should be worn neatly enough, but it lends itself well to cleaning and lasts a long time. Stylish suede shoes are a must have for every woman.

Always start from the base, but don’t forget about other noticeable colors. Evelina recommends complementing her shoe collection with shoes in deep burgundy and green shades.

Malachite green goes well with black and red dresses, and all fashionable friends will envy your look.

In addition to these rules, Evelina has some more general advice about choosing shoes. The most important thing is that the shoes must be appropriate. You shouldn’t wear provocative open-toed shoes to work, for example.

Khromchenko believes that a woman can show her sexuality without this hypertrophied femininity. If the warm season has already arrived, it is better to wear sandals. It will be convenient and beautiful.

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