May 5, 2022
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How to choose seat covers for your KIA car

How to choose seat covers for your KIA carcovers for KIA

Every car enthusiast would like to always have a beautiful and well-groomed interior, and KIA car owners are no exception to this rule. But with daily use, even the leather coating wears out, and textiles in general very quickly turn into a rather sad sight.

Interior upholstery is an expensive pleasure, and it can be avoided if you take care of the safety of the upholstery in advance. Properly selected covers can do this, because their main function is to protect the original coating from abrasion and dirt.

If you don’t want your accessory to look like a sofa cover, constantly slipping and getting on your nerves, make sure it matches the model of your car. Many Kia models have identical seats. Do not forget about the kit – it is important to make sure that the ordered kit will have all the necessary parts, including headrests and armrests.

Covers “Autopilot” for KIA in Moscow are often recommended by drivers for whom the ratio of quality and appearance is important. You can explore the available assortment and choose the right kit on the website of the official representative of the Autopilot brand at

How to choose covers?

Make sure you choose the practical option. The advantage should be given to models made of eco-leather – to care for them, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth or cloth. If you want a more stylish option, combo options with Alcantara (soft suede) inserts will suit you. Caring for such a coating is more difficult, but you can pick up a good tool in car chemistry.

The shades of covers produced under the Autopilot brand are enough for the seats to organically fit into any salon.

If the model is suitable, even a beginner can handle the installation. The manufacturer of the covers “Autopilot” has simplified the installation process as much as possible – all the backs are put on from above, to pull the material onto the seats it is not necessary to dismantle them. Even hemming can be handled by yourself (you only need a 12 cm needle).

Why covers are needed

The main advantages of covers:

  • coating service life – 3-4 years (according to real reviews of car owners);
  • visual transformation of the interior (especially if the original upholstery in the car is textiles);
  • the possibility of replacing individual elements (you can order covers for headrests or armrests for your KIA model without paying for the full set).

You can buy Autopilot covers for KIA in Moscow for any common model, from the tiny KIA Picanto to the impressive Sorento. Thanks to the exact patterns used for tailoring, the accessory creates the effect of constriction of the interior and pleases the owner with a well-groomed appearance for several years. The material of the seats is practically indistinguishable from genuine leather, and the cost of such covers is noticeably lower than that of seat upholstery with genuine leather.

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