May 6, 2022
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How to choose perfumes for different occasions?

How to choose perfumes for different occasions?

It is with its help that we strive to express ourselves and declare to the world about our mood, desire to create, communicate and flirt. No wonder we want to smell different every time.

So how much perfume is appropriate to keep on the dressing table? How to combine them with mood, clothes and circumstances? Are there rules? In this article we will understand what a perfume wardrobe is and how to form it.

Morning, afternoon, evening: everything you need to know about the appointment of perfume

A personal collection of fragrances of a particular person, in which each perfume meets a specific occasion, emphasizing the external and reflecting the internal state – this is the very perfume wardrobe. This is a new concept that experts started talking about just a few years ago.

Neither women nor men want to be faithful to one jar of perfume anymore. If earlier the same perfumes were worn for any occasion (sometimes completely inappropriate, for example, rich evening bouquets for the office), today the fragrance is chosen even more carefully than clothes.

Perfume helps to create harmonious images and feel confident under any circumstances. A romantic date, business negotiations, a secular party – each of these occasions requires a special approach (that is, a separate perfume).

There are no strict rules in the formation of an individual collection. Ideally, if you have a bottle of perfume for each outfit. Think it’s a lot? Then take care of the base. According to tradition, fragrances are divided into:

  • morning. These include light, slightly concentrated options with a fresh smell. These are hazes, mists, colognes;
  • daily. More saturated, dense versions. Eau de toilette or eau de parfum is a great everyday solution;
  • evening. For special occasions, choose the most persistent perfume, bottles marked extreme or intensive.

Experts recommend paying attention to the intensity of the sound. Citrus notes remain light even in high concentration, amber and wood are always saturated. In addition, it is important not to overdo it. Two or three puffs are enough, more is bad form.

What else to focus on when forming a perfume wardrobe?
A lot depends on lifestyle. As a rule, from 5 to 8 bottles of perfume are enough for an active person. What is their purpose?

  1. For the office. If your workplace is not at home on the couch, then it will not be superfluous to emphasize a business image. It is important that the perfume is unobtrusive, but helps you concentrate. The optimal solution is floral and citrus compositions; woody ones are suitable for those who often negotiate.
  2. For relax. This category includes those spirits that you choose for a walk, a friendly meeting, a date. There are no rules here, focus solely on your preferences.
  3. For Sport. Getting ready to go to the gym or go for a run is not always easy. If you choose the right perfume, a charge of vivacity and motivation is guaranteed. Herbaceous and citrus scents do the job best.
  4. For social events. Do you want to be irresistible in public? You will need special spirits. Perfumers recommend forgetting about modesty and using layered, complex fragrances. A moderate sillage will help you create the desired impression.
  5. For inspiration. Resource scents are rarely talked about. But it is they who give their owners confidence, help to reveal the inner resource, build ambitious plans and implement them. What are these spirits? You decide!

In addition, sometimes perfume is divided into categories according to the time of year. So, in the cold season, many people prefer to wear rich, spicy or powdery fragrances, and in the summer – refreshing floral, fruity, herbal. But this is not a rule, but a tradition.

If your collection has all this, consider that the perfume wardrobe is formed. If not, it’s time to start collecting it. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • make a perfume wishlist;
  • plan purchases, and do not act on a whim, otherwise you risk filling the shelf with identical aromas;
  • Start from your lifestyle when choosing perfumes, but not from fleeting trends.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Spirits were invented to express themselves!

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