Apr 26, 2022
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How to choose nail polish

How to choose nail polish

The variety of cosmetics and cosmetic stores have made shopping for the necessary cosmetic accessories an epic for women.

Let’s start to figure out what to buy and how to choose it. Let’s start with nail polish. Now there are a lot of them, let’s take a look at each separately.

Lacquer normal. You cover the nail with it as usual in 2 layers (naturally, if it is not black or just dark varnish). This is the most popular varnish. It can be bought everywhere.

Pearlescent varnish. Excellent application, high durability.

Lacquer base. These types of varnishes are used to smooth the surface of the nail. It is like a basis for subsequent varnishes. More often it is colorless, but pink shades are possible.

Lacquer is fast drying. Perfect for those who are always in a hurry. Easy to apply, dries in a minute, so think about it, maybe you should get one?

Glitter polish. This is a base lacquer or a transparent lacquer, which is added during the manufacture of sparkles. The color of the sparkles can be different, they give a color cast to the entire varnish.

Lacquer matte. It does not shine like a regular polish, but its advantage is that the surface of the nail becomes velvety. And another advantage of this type of varnish is that it dries quickly enough.

Lacquer single layer. I think that it is already clear from the name that this varnish is applied to the surface of the nail in one layer.

Strengthening varnish. This varnish is usually used after a manicure as a healing function of nails. This varnish protects the surface of the nail from the negative effects that may be in the environment. This polish makes nails stronger and stronger.

Varnish is bitter. If you have a habit of biting your nails, then this polish is made just for you. It has a bitter, unpleasant taste that will help you kick the habit.

Lacquer is hypoallergenic. This varnish is sold exclusively in pharmacies and specialized stores; it does not cause an allergic reaction when applied to the surface of the nail.

Chameleon varnish. This type of varnish will change its color depending on which side the sun’s rays hit it. There are also varnishes that change color depending on the temperature. Such varnishes are called temperature.

They also distinguish a whole series of varnishes depending on the composition: mica, cream varnish, and so on.

For nail art, only paint varnishes are used. They have a denser texture, but are more liquid. With their help, you can draw the most unimaginable drawing.


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