Apr 10, 2021
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How to choose baby clothes

How to choose baby clothes

Often we buy clothes by eye, we took it, looked it up, liked it, so we can take it. Then come home, and the size is not the same or it doesn’t fit. It’s so all the time with children’s things. And if you order on the Internet, then this happens all the time. To make things fit perfectly, you need to know the exact size.

In fact, this is not difficult. In order to find out the size of the clothes, you just need to measure the child’s height, bust, waist and hips. To buy sweaters, sweaters, shirts and outerwear, you will also need sleeve length and shoulder width. To buy pants, you need a waist circumference and leg length. Look for all these parameters in the table of sizes of children’s clothing by height.

The dimensional grid is a real lifesaver for parents. Knowing the exact size, you can order clothes online. Often on the Web you can find unique and original things that are not found in ordinary stores. Having calculated the size, you can order and not be afraid that things will not fit.

Do not forget that children grow up very quickly. Therefore, it is worth taking measurements from time to time and taking this difference into account. When buying clothes, always pay attention to additional information. For example, many manufacturers have their own dimensional grids. This greatly facilitates the task: you can take measurements and choose the best size.

It so happens that the measurements fit two sizes. In this case, always choose the larger size. The thing may be just right for the child, and if not, then you just need to wait a little while the child grows up. However, you should not buy clothes for growth (too large). In such things, the child feels uncomfortable. And when he grows up to these clothes, he may refuse to wear them.

This is about the size of the clothes. However, this is not the only criterion for choosing children’s clothes. There are a couple more factors that must be taken into account.

Clothes should be made from natural fabrics

Children’s clothes should be made mainly of natural fabrics or fabrics with a slight addition of synthetics. Artificial materials are only welcome when it comes to outerwear. However, everything that comes in contact with the skin must be natural. Special attention must be paid to this in order to avoid various allergic reactions.

In addition, clothes made from natural fabrics cope better with the thermoregulation function. In synthetic clothes, the child can overheat, which is undesirable.

Clothes should be comfortable

Toddlers need soft, comfortable clothing that is free of tight seams that are easy to put on and take off. The latter is also true for children who go to kindergarten. It should be convenient for the child to take off and put on his clothes himself. So he will quickly master the skills of self-service.

Buy simple clothes, no buttons or complicated fasteners. Things with buttons, Velcro or zippers are best. The laces and buttons should be approached gradually, when the child becomes more independent.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that the clothes do not hinder the movements of the child and do not restrict freedom. Also, it should not be cramped or too large. In general, as comfortable as possible.

Things should be practical

Children run a lot, fall and get dirty. You need to take this fact into account when choosing clothes. Items purchased must be able to withstand multiple washings successfully. It is best to give up delicate fabrics and opt for durable ones.

The quality of the clothing should also be considered. All zippers and fasteners must be secure in order to withstand the load. Only in this case will the child be able to play calmly without fear of damaging the clothes.

Clothes should be beautiful

Whatever one may say, but children love everything bright and interesting. This is how clothes should be. Of course, it is much more convenient to dress up the child in everything dark and discreet, so that it gets less dirty, but this is unlikely to help him feel comfortable.
The child should like clothes, please him. Let the child choose his own clothes, it shapes his taste, stimulates interest and mentally develops the child. So no sad sighs if the child chooses some kind of white dress with sequins instead of a gray suit.

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