Jun 15, 2022
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How to choose an orthopedic mattress

How to choose an orthopedic mattressorthopedic mattresses

Quality sleep is the key to health, well-being and even success and prosperity. Therefore, the arrangement of a sleeping place must be approached with all responsibility, taking into account all sorts of details. The main question that arises in this case is how to choose a mattress. Qualified specialists will help you choose which one to buy an orthopedic mattress in Kazan.

Internal filling of the mattress

Among the wide range of mattresses, it is easy to get confused, because in addition to the size, manufacturers offer a variety of types of filling with different stiffness, anatomical properties and other characteristics.

Mattresses are divided into two main types:

  • if there is a spring block inside, then these are spring mattresses;
  • mattresses without a spring block with internal filling from various cutting-edge materials are called springless.

In turn, these two types have their own varieties, on which their cost and characteristics depend. So, for a spring mattress, prices vary significantly depending on the number of springs per meter of block. To the question of how much an orthopedic mattress costs in Kazan, you can find the answer on the websites of online stores or get advice from a specialist.

There are the following types of spring block:

  1. Budget spring models have curls connected into a single structure and are called “dependent”.
  2. Models are more expensive, better quality and more useful for the spine, they have an independent spring block. Here, each spring is installed in a separate pocket and works independently of the others.

Mattresses also vary in firmness depending on the materials used in the top layer of the mattress.

There are many more types of springless mattresses than with springs. The invention of new materials and their production is happening rapidly. They differ in internal content, which is responsible for quality, durability and anatomical characteristics.

The most popular of them:

  • hypoallergenic latex, characterized by elasticity and resilience;
  • eco-friendly coconut coir;
  • polyurethane foam breathable, hypoallergenic.

Often, springless mattresses have several layers, each of which has certain properties. Double-sided mattresses are often offered, where each side differs in rigidity and coating material. There are also mattresses that can be used on the winter side (they often contain natural wool) or on the summer side with hygroscopic properties.

In addition, it is necessary to say about such a useful thing that is easy to move, like a thin mattress. He is able to turn any surface into a comfortable place to sleep.

Before you buy an orthopedic mattress in a store in Kazan, you should decide on your requirements and preferences.

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