Oct 16, 2021
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How to choose a foundation for the cold season

How to choose a foundation for the cold season

We have selected several options for foundations that will help you survive the cold weather beautifully and without harm to your skin.

Rarely do November and the approaching winter delight anyone – according to statistics, it is this time before winter that turns out to be the most difficult for the body. The skin also suffers. If in the summer or even early autumn it was still possible to refuse tonal means, now, for your own good, it is imperative to stock up on a tube of a suitable cream.

So let’s talk about the best tonal creams for the fall, which perfectly moisturize and protect.

Tonal stick

A professional product with a very dense texture. It can be used both for even coverage of the entire face and for correcting problem areas.

Useful if you need festive makeup or makeup for television, filming. Due to its excessive density, it is not suitable for daily use.

In addition, there are practically no moisturizing components in the composition of the tonal sticks that could give the skin care and protection.

Powder cream

It is a hybrid of the classic foundation and powder. Has a dry texture and is applied with a sponge.

Despite the possibility of using on a daily basis and the presence of nutrients, in a cool season, cream powder can cause dry skin.

However, if you do not want to give up the product in the fall and winter, apply it to a more nourishing moisturizer.

Tonal mousse

Its texture is significantly different from the previous ones – it is very soft, light and pleasant. The product can even out skin tone and give it a healthy glow, but it will not hide redness and breakouts.

Please note that due to its low fat content, tonal mousse can accentuate dryness and flaking.

Liquid foundation

It can be in the format of a more saturated cream or, conversely, a light fluid. The composition of a quality product usually includes vegetable oils, vitamin complexes and nutrients. Also among the ingredients may be talcum powder, which provides a matte finish.

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