Sep 5, 2022
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How to care for silver jewelry and what to give them with?

How to care for silver jewelry and what to give them with?

Silver is a unique metal. Over time, silver products blacken, but this only creates the effect of antiquity, giving them a certain sophistication. But many do not know how to properly wear silver items, clean and store them so that they serve us faithfully and delight us with their beauty. How to return silver products to their original novelty and color? Silver is also a unique gift. For example, silverware. It is on a par with other desirable and high-quality gifts.

Silver is subject to chemical processes that cause it to darken. This is the increased humidity of the air and the metabolic processes of our body. The rules for wearing and storing silver items are very simple, and if you apply them constantly, they will be as good as new. For this you need:

– Remove silver jewelry when working at home, thereby preventing their possible mechanical damage and contact with chemicals that are used for cleaning the house, for example.

– Remove jewelry when visiting baths, saunas, solariums, since the sweat secreted by our body contains sulfur, which darkens silver. And light and heat can damage stones in jewelry.

– For cosmetic and medical procedures, it is also necessary to remove jewelry. Sulfur and mercury, which can be part of cosmetics and medicinal ointments, can make silver jewelry darken. But silver is not afraid of natural materials. For example, if you wear a sheepskin vest at home, which is becoming a trend for the winter-spring season, then your silver jewelry will not suffer from this.

Much will depend on the type of decoration. Particular attention should be paid to silver jewelry with stones.

Daily care of silver jewelry can restore its original beauty. After wearing a silver jewelry, it is important to wipe it, carefully and properly store it. The best option is to store silver in cases and caskets, you can store it in plastic bags, in this case it is important that the jewelry does not touch each other to avoid mechanical damage (scratches). It is important to keep jewelry away from sources of heat and light, and avoid storing it in a high humidity environment. Do not store silver in boxes made of cardboard, as the packaging can also release sulfur, for example, which adversely affects silver.

Cleaning is a special procedure, but extremely simple. You can wipe silver jewelry with felt, dip them in soapy water, then rinse and wipe dry. Do not use paper towels for cleaning to avoid mechanical damage to the jewelry. It is necessary to exclude a variety of types of mechanical cleaning.

But the most effective method of cleaning silver jewelry is considered to be the use of special jewelry cosmetics. The choice is the most diverse – these are special pastes for cleaning silver jewelry, jewelry wipes for cleaning and polishing them, which are impregnated with a special cleaning compound, liquids. The main thing will depend on the type of silver product, the natural inserts of some jewelry may be damaged after the use of aggressive agents. Artificial stones do not require daily care, while natural stones need regular care so that they do not lose their natural luster. A special approach to choosing a cleaning agent requires stones – pearls and amber.

Do not use toothpastes and powders, soda and similar products for cleaning – they are abrasive and can damage the surfaces of jewelry and inserts. It is not recommended to use folk recipes for cleaning, some of them simply do not meet the requirements of the time and, accordingly, can be used to the detriment.

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