Jan 2, 2022
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How to break your nail biting habit

How to break your nail biting habit

Today, almost all people in a state of nervous tension bite their nails. This activity, or rather a bad habit, does not relieve stress in the least, but only allows you to be distracted by something else.

We are talking about the habit of biting nails, or in another way – onychophagia, observed in children and adults. Gives a person some difficulties. Many people try to stop nail biting looking for ways to achieve this.

First of all, you need to find out the reason, the habit of biting your fingers. For children, parents play a huge role, and they are an example for them. In adults, this habit shows a low level of stress tolerance.

This habit of biting nails in children usually appears by the age of 4 or a little later. It is easy to wean a child to this age, the older, the more difficult it is to get rid of this habit.

What can nail biting lead to?

  • Man is surrounded by millions of invisible bacteria. But they rarely hurt. Bacteria cannot penetrate the skin barrier, but it is not difficult for them to enter the body through the mouth, starting to cause adverse effects. A huge number of bacteria are found on the hands and fingertips, which is another reason why you should not bite your nails. Together with bacteria, worms can also be picked up.
  • This habit also harms the teeth and gums. In advanced cases, chipping and gum disease can be observed. More often, children whose teeth have not yet matured are susceptible to this.
  • Nibbled nails show your flaw to everyone around you. An untidy manicure scares off the interlocutor, causing him a feeling of hostility.

Some tips to break this habit


The first step is to get to know yourself and your habits. Observe how you look when you bite your nails, how you feel, and try to understand why you are doing this.


Imagine beautiful, long, healthy nails. Pick one nail and leave it alone. If you succeed, you will have great motivation to protect others as well.

Wherever you go most often, stick the leaflets with a reminder not to bring your palms to your mouth.

Cut out the picture of your dream nails. Take pictures of your nails too, put them together to see the difference and never bite your nails again.


Once you recognize the reasons why you bite your nails, focus on eliminating those reasons.

If stress is the cause, try to deal with it by using relaxation techniques, gymnastics, sleep, less homework …

If the cause is general tension, learn to cope with your nerves and problems. To do this, use breathing techniques that calm and relax.

Step by step

Set short-term goals for yourself and try to break your records. The longer you hold out, the better results you will get.

If you are unable to control yourself, ask loved ones to remind you. Take care of your nails.

Share them with loved ones so that their praise becomes your motivation to continue to deal with the problem. Each positive assessment and recognition will give you a reason to be proud of yourself.

The quick fix is ​​nail polish and cream

Apply nail polish to your nails and cream to your hands. Their smell and taste will be unpleasant to you, this will also help to cope with the habit of biting your nails. If you are used to the smell, change the cream. But watch carefully to ensure that these substances do not enter food. It is very easy to break the habit by growing artificial nails.

Make them strong and beautiful

Most of all, the appearance of nails is improved by the minerals calcium and magnesium. Take minerals every day, either with food or in dietary supplements.

Nutritional supplements are available in pharmacies for strengthening nails. If you manage to resist the desire to bite your nails for a while, cover the silt with varnish or go for a manicure. It is much more difficult to “attack” beautiful nails.

Find yourself another habit

There are people who like to bang their fingertips on the surface of the table; maybe it is enough that you admire with your own hands, or maybe you need to do creative work, for example, drawing. Children are helped by playing with thimbles.

Hide them

If you hide your hands, you can refrain from temptation. Put on gloves or cover your nails with a plaster, apply healing cream to the injured skin.

Don’t put it in your mouth

Keep your nail clippers with you at all times. This way, if your nail breaks, you don’t need to bite it.

Don’t back down

Getting rid of the nail biting habit is not easy. You need to arm yourself with patience, self-discipline and willpower. Remember that nails are a mirror of your state of health, and you are responsible for them.

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