Apr 18, 2021
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How to believe in a happy marriage

How to believe in a happy marriage

I have long been convinced that the date of birth of a person strongly influences his character, behavior and many other factors. It turns out that it also depends on what a person will be in marriage. We decided to take a closer look at this issue. We have a lot in common, we ourselves did not expect.

We talk about how the husband’s month of birth affects family life and what character traits are revealed after the wedding.

January husband

A man born in January is a person with tremendous willpower. It is hard not to notice him, such, as they say, immediately grabbed. With such a husband in marriage, you will feel secure. This is the husband you can always rely on. He will support, help and comfort with practical advice. He is not only a husband, but also the best friend.

Such men do not believe in fate. They believe that everything in this life depends only on themselves. Therefore, they have everything in mind: successful in work, balanced, knows how to handle money.

Of course, everything cannot be perfect. Often such men are prone to quarrels, and unreasonable. At work, they are at their best, but at home they can spoil everything with their character. However, you can come to terms with this if you find an approach.

February husband

February men have both a strong and sensitive character. They make decisions quickly, they like to make decisions instantly. Sometimes they chop off the shoulder, which is later regretted. However, decisions often turn out to be correct and sensible. They have excellent intuition.

Family for them is a shrine. In love, they are honest, although not decisive enough. But you can be sure that such a person will be faithful to you all your life.

March husband

Men born in March have excellent control over themselves, it is difficult to unbalance them. This is that patient and calm husband who will steadfastly withstand any mood swings and whims of his wife. They are smart and always strive for self-development. With such a person, you yourself constantly want to become better.

They find it difficult to perceive criticism in their address, for them it is too big a blow to pride. However, with such a man you will feel confident. He is collected, decisive and always finds the right solution with ease. Such people are assertive in both work and family life. If the family needs something, then it will certainly be.

April husband

The April husband is a good-natured and cheerful man. He is a good friend, loyal husband and caring father. Even if he is not a leader and does not lead people, friends always come to him for advice. It is pleasant to talk with him heart to heart, he is one of those who know how to comfort and support. With such a man it is very comfortable and cozy.

Often these men are reliable, they will always help, especially if they have promised. He is an irreplaceable person at work, an experienced mentor for the younger ones and just kind-hearted. It is good in marriage with him, he is inferior to his wife in small things, but in important matters he can show firmness. But he will protect his beloved, even if the whole world will stand up against him.

May husband

A man born in May is kind and caring. He treats his relatives with special warmth. Usually this is the husband who is liked by the parents of the chosen one at first sight. Such are they, husbands born in May, cheerful, kind, charming. Well, just the soul of the company.

However, these men are often impatient. Often this character trait turns against them. Getting in trouble? Yes, easily. They are self-confident, sometimes reckless. But they always know how to get out of difficult situations. You won’t be lost with such a husband.

June husband

A man born in June is an individualist. He only cares what he does and thinks, but public opinion worries him in the last place. He is a little arrogant, but his self-confidence is more of a positive character trait. He always knows what he wants and how to achieve it. And with women the same way. His courtship is not intrusive, but it is impossible to resist.

With such a husband, you always feel needed and loved. Family life with him will be interesting. And also such men love travel and different types of entertainment, they will not be bored. In his wife, he sees a faithful friend and companion.

July husband

This is a calm, patient and calm man. He is very caring and observant, with him you will be calm and reliable. The well-being of his family is often more important to him than his own comfort. He will not spare time, effort and money to ensure that his wife and children have everything they need. Stubbornness and endurance he does not take, he always goes to his goal.

Such men sometimes tend to overestimate their strength. Yes, they achieve their goals, but often at the cost of their own health. If he fails, then it is perceived as very painful. At this moment, he needs a wife next to him who will support and understand.

Husband born in August

This man is a model of masculinity. Self-confident, purposeful and caring. Perhaps the dream of any woman. He is an exemplary husband, a great father. Loves children and devotes a lot of time to their upbringing. With this man you will never be left alone with household chores, he will always help.

The character of this man is balanced and calm. He is sociable, good-natured and loves to spend time with friends. It is important for him to be in the company in order to fill the need for communication. Often has great talent, but cannot always realize it. If there is a muse and inspirer next to him, he is capable of anything.

September husband

September husband is kind, smart and cheerful. He strives to be a leader in the family, at work, and among friends. In his career, he reaches unprecedented heights. By virtue of his character, he always achieves the set goals, does not hesitate to show firmness and assertiveness. An idealist by nature.

The family routine scares him the most, so he constantly tries to diversify it in different ways. With such a husband it will not be boring. He is very attached to the family, but if everything becomes too routine, he may leave. Such a husband appreciates personal space and freedom, so a free evening is better spent watching TV than playing with children.

October husband

The October man has a huge soulfulness and a developed mind, but at the same time skepticism the size of Everest. He has perfectly developed intuition and logic, he is an adherent of science. But everything that goes beyond his views, he considers heresy and is skeptical about it. There are no compromises for him, which is why it can be quite difficult.

But living with him is very interesting, he will always delight you with an interesting fact or a fascinating conversation. He is also affable and welcoming, loyal in friendship and marriage. In other people, he respects a sharp mind and a sense of humor. A wife for him is an interlocutor, friend and faithful companion. If he has already found his woman, he will protect her.

November husband

Diplomatic, thoughtful, serious – that’s what you can say about your November husband. He is punctual, accurate in business, and most of all he values ​​decency in people. He has a real gift to get along with people of different age groups, but only until the moment when an argument begins. In disputes, he can be hot and unrestrained.

He is happy in his family life. Career interests him little, much more important to him children and wife. He feels good when they are satisfied and happy. He never betrays his ideals, appreciates the calmness in the family and adores his children.

December husband

The December husband is a good-natured hard worker who gives a lot of energy to work. He is the most efficient employee who never puts off important things until tomorrow. Thanks to his enthusiasm, he achieves great career success. He starts his family late, but he takes it seriously.

He wants his family not to need anything. He takes care of his wife and children, to live with him comfortably and securely. For himself, he is looking for a wife who will take care of herself and children, but not work. He devotes all his free time to children, who, by the way, adore him.

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