Apr 19, 2021
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How to become more attentive to loved ones

How to become more attentive to loved ones

The wave of misunderstanding between men and women is growing. The reason for this is many factors that can be united by a common postulate: “This is the modern world, baby!”

The man-warrior and the man-getter are no longer needed, now he looks more like a lactic acid bacterium; sour herself slowly, the rest of the woman can herself. Not being needed at the conceptual level is really scary.

Every day, uncertainty mows the ranks of men: adult guys withdraw into themselves, stop fishing and quit drinking. Apathy and a lost interest in life are just a few that can explain this behavior. How to return your beloved man after all this? Taya Naydenko from Odessa suggests just leaving him alone. Do not torture him with constant “you don’t love me” and “don’t pay attention to me”, let him figure out how to continue to live.

Organize a common life with a man

Leave the man alone. Take care of your everyday life. He will either join you or not. Either option has its advantages. If you join and help in everyday life, the main thing is not to make sudden movements, do not make loud sounds, do not frighten away. Don’t fuss at all. They don’t like it.

How to understand that a man loves you

Leave the man alone. On the couch or in the kitchen, it doesn’t really matter. If after a year or two the man has not disappeared, you can consider this a sufficient reason to suspect him of some affection for you.

Understand exactly that you and a man are ready to have children

Leave the man alone. This is not at all for him. You are definitely ready if the pregnancy has been going on for more than six months. A man will be ready to have a child when he sees a child. Or it won’t. In this case, leave the man alone.

What to do if feelings for a man have cooled down

Leave the man alone. Men do not change, so the problem is in you. Perhaps you have hormonal imbalance or mental problems. Warm up your senses for several months while undergoing a medical check-up. If you are healthy, but feelings do not return, change the man for another and pretend that it was so. Leave the last man alone.

  • What to do if you stop having sex with your man.
  • Worry … if you don’t want him to leave you alone.
  • How to organize fun general leisure for many years in a row.
  • Leave him alone. Seriously. Make sure he leaves you alone.

Then, perhaps, you will meet in an online network game or at the premiere of a good performance and you will be pleasantly surprised when it turns out that the interlocutor not only shares your interests, but also lives with you in the same living space.

What to do if the burden of previous unsuccessful relationships with men weighs on you, because of which you constantly doubt, are jealous, cry, and generally flog nonsense.

Leave the men alone. There are many women who have not tried yet or are willing to take the risk. You are not going to buy, do not crowd, do not obscure the windows.

A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it, as the immortal Pushkin used to say. Is it possible to return a man, if it is true to leave him alone? The question is rather rhetorical. Society and the world are developing too rapidly to make any prediction. In any case, let us joke on this topic than state a fact. The editorial board of “So Simple!” wishes you a good mood, because someone who, and we will not leave you alone for sure.

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