Apr 27, 2022
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How to become luxurious at 40: fashion rules

How to become luxurious at 40: fashion rules

You can always look great. Especially at 40, when a woman is just beginning her second youth. Nevertheless, there are still rules for appearance at this age.

1. Don’t go to extremes

Both cartoon t-shirts and granny blouses look out of place. Realize that you are not a teenager and an old man. At 40, a woman blooms and smells, while bearing the grandeur and pride of her years. Choose classic, knee-length, blouses and shirts in pastel colors.

2. Wear comfortable clothes

Stop killing your joints with a hairpin, wear jeans that hinder your movements, throw out the tops from which your chest falls out. Have you noticed how fussy and comical look women who are endlessly pulling mini-skirts and with bent knees in heels?

3. Be clear about what to show and what to hide

It is clear that your body still looks good if you look after it. However, a 3/4 sleeve looks better than a cropped T-shirt. Understand that you are not a girl, but already a stately woman.

4. Wear pastel colors

Choose light shades, they perfectly rejuvenate and refresh the face. Pastel colors look gentle and noble. Just choose the shade that best suits you based on your color type.

5. Say a firm no to shapeless clothes

Leave the hoodies in the closet. Buy fitted items. not tight. If you need to hide any figure flaws, play with styles. Focus on virtues, for example: a chic bust or slender legs.

6. Choose prints with care

Choose stylish prints. Without childishness. It can be geometry, a discreet animal print, a floral pattern, but not like cartoons, sponges, endless vulgar rhinestones and beads.

7. Choose skirts and dresses of medium length

After 40, the ideal length is the middle of the knee. It looks restrained and at the same time quite sexy and stylish. Choose a pencil or tulip cut for a more formal look. Leave the skirts of the sun, tutus and other flyaways to young girls.

8. Find a nice fitted coat

A classic coat with ankle boots or over the knee boots is a win-win stylish option. An excellent choice for women who want to look noble and restrained.

9. Add stylish details

Place accents. Complete the look with a stylish hat or brooch. If you want brightness, look at stylish Latin American women. These women have drive and carnival in their blood. Know the measure – this is the main rule.

10. Do not get carried away with jewelry

This is not a sign of luxury. More like a measure of bad taste. Hands studded with gold rings were chic in the 90s. 30 years have passed, restraint and nobility are now in trend.

11. Carry small neat handbags

We noticed how our women sin with clogged pockets and a bunch of things in their hands. It looks not stylish and even comical. Put your things in a small bag and carry with you.

12. Buy only quality clothes

You should have a basic wardrobe. It’s not so many things. Better buy a quality one and wear it for at least a few years. Trends are a passing concept, and cheap synthetics are generally minute. Appreciate yourself and your comfort.

13. Always stick to simplicity and elegance

It is better to pay tribute to the classics than to play with trends. Understand, there is nothing better than a blouse, golf, basic trousers, jeans, a jacket, a jacket, loafers or pumps. Choose and enjoy.

14. Be well-groomed and tidy

The Chinese say: “There are no ugly people, there are lazy people.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so accuracy is paramount. If you do not do a manicure in the salon, then at least clean the dirt under your nails, wipe your shoes, wash things on time, and so on.

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