Feb 19, 2021
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How to Become a Conscious Mother

How to Become a Conscious Mother

In the modern world, women are in no hurry to become mothers very early. And the age range for the birth of the first child has shifted a little: if 10 years ago a 25-year-old girl was called old-born, now she is a young mother. Women want to fully enjoy life: build a career, travel and walk all night long, but they prefer to have a child closer to 30 years and later.

The singer Slava is of the same opinion, despite the fact that for the first time she became a mother at the age of 18. We will tell you why the singer advises girls not to rush to have a baby.

The singer became a mother at the age of 18, and the second time after 30. Therefore, the artist gives advice from the height of her experience. And listening or arguing is a personal matter. Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya) is sure that if she gave birth to her first daughter Sasha a little later, she would be able to pay more attention to her. Indeed, at such a young age, Slava got on her feet and was passionate about her career.

“Until the age of 25, a girl has to walk all her energy in order to consciously come to motherhood. You can’t have children at the age of 18, ”the singer shares in an interview. Or you have to be very mature inside to feel the maternal instinct and be psychologically mature. But this is rare enough.

In addition, according to Anastasia, the child observes more and takes an example from the parent than lends itself to verbal education. Therefore, it is important to be a worthy example, to have a life experience that can be passed on and to be a person who is nearby, and not rushing about in search of a better life.

The artist says: “I think the European system is correct, where women give birth after forty, when they have already taken place, they have a job, accumulated experience, knowledge. And this Soviet stereotype about old-born people must be eradicated from our consciousness. Health today allows women to give birth at 40 or even 50. I believe that it is not too late to become a mother at any age. “

Psychologists and doctors also highlight a number of advantages in becoming a mom closer to 30 years old. By the way, according to new data from the WHO, a woman is considered young up to 44 years old, and studies show that the best age for giving birth to a child is 28–33 years.

Psychological maturity

Full awareness of responsibility comes. A child born in adulthood cannot be called a mistake of youth.

A woman manages to self-actualize and set priorities in life.

Financial well-being

The family in adulthood has a more trusting relationship, because they have already gone through a lot together. This is the guarantee that the child will grow up in a calm atmosphere.

The desire to become a mother should be conscious regardless of age. Some women may not want partying at all and deftly combine a career with motherhood, others need to firmly feel the ground under their feet, and still others themselves remain children for a long time. Also now more and more often you can find childfree, but this is their personal choice.

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