Dec 29, 2020
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How to avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent privateers?

All privateers in the world can be divided into two categories. The former are trying to position themselves as experts. “Leading Analysts” take money from people who want easy money. There will always be someone who would like to offer them “win-win” predictions.

It would seem, which is easier? Take it and win. But there is another category of privateers who try to surprise with “conspiracy theory”. Say, all matches in the world are negotiable. Welcome to the “caste of the elite” who have access to secret information, which we have specially “fished out” for you.

A reasonable part of the audience has a natural question: from what humanistic motives the privateers with secret information, do you need additional income? Why would you sell the priceless secrets of ruining bookmakers when you can get rich without leaving the place, ruining them yourself?

Isn’t there another category of privateers? She almost appeared at the end 2019 when curious videos began to appear on YouTube. Against the background of the drawn table of odds and winnings, the voiceover of a teenager talked about the results of using the “fork bot”. The boy from Kazan allegedly had a modest start-up capital of 5000 rubles. And he spent them wisely. I bought a bot to win at a bookmaker.

A resident of Tatarstan managed to multiply the deposit at the bookmaker in just 1 month by almost 10 times, and at the time of recording the video, the amount reached whole 80 thousand rubles. No joke!

Not to say that the idea of ​​”robotic privateering” is completely new. Something similar was shown on TV in 80 – e. Remember? In one of the films of Soviet filmmakers, a depressed guy threw … a TV out of the window. From stress, the miraculous kinescope began to show tomorrow instead of today. The hero of the picture got a unique opportunity to see the matches in the “tomorrow” mode. And to bet money on them in the then underground bookmakers? In the “today” mode.

Forked “bot” – something similar. I loaded the top five – and manage to cash out.

“Until recently I did not believe that I would be able to cash out! But everything worked out – there is no problem with the conclusion, “the player who is getting richer before our eyes encouraged very gullible people. We, the creators of the independent rating, where the best cappers are ranked, also listened to it.

What’s remarkable? Some forked out and paid the “developers” substantial money to use the “arb bot” to help win at any bookmaker in the country. And, of course, they all lost. What should you call these people? Darwin Prize candidates? Of course not.

In the 90 years, when there was no Internet, there was a whole boom for all kinds of amulets that bring victory in any game … What was the talisman of the magician and sorcerer Dominic Webb, who fiercely rolled his eyes from the pages of every self-respecting newspaper. But the “zero” came, the tenth, the twenties hatched. Society’s belief in progress has become stronger than belief in shamans.

And now people are ready to pay for “magic software” that brings victory. Should we take away from them the hope of becoming like Tim Taller, the hero of “Sold Laughter” who won any bet?

Not worth it.

And about the creators of the fork bot Roman and Rustam already in February 2020 the whole of Russia learned. Imprisonment became a worthy reward for the smart guys. A scattering of bank cards and two million rubles in cash were seized from the scammers. This money was obtained by criminal means. Guys face up to 10 years for large scale fraud.

So are there any honest privateers? Well, of course there is. These are those who do not guarantee victory, explaining that there can be no guarantees in any game (otherwise it is no longer a game, but a pattern). And at the same time it offers real analytics that incorporates a maximum of factors that can influence the outcome of a particular sporting event.

The ratings of such privateers are continuously formed by us.

Happy game!

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