Mar 31, 2021
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How to arrange a small bathroom

How to arrange a small bathroom

Coziness in the house is just a necessity, as for me. After all, you return home every day, and after a hard day you want complete comfort and relaxation.

But what if the apartment is very tiny? Is it possible to make it cozy and not cluttered? Of course you can. And today we will talk about the design of a small toilet.

If you want more space – paint the walls

The tile, of course, looks very nice, you can experiment with it, but it has its own thickness, which eats up space. This does not happen if you paint the walls with paint. But here the field for experiments is even wider!

More light

To visually increase the space, it is best to use light colors in the design. White is just the perfect solution!

Rationalism and combination

To decorate the toilet and make it cozier, add functional shelves if space permits. You can also try to combine different finishes to add originality to the room.


Again, they take up less space than tiles and can create extraordinarily vibrant designs.

Create perspective

This trick always works. Wall murals, drawings, mirrors – all this will help to visually enlarge any space.

Add brightness

Do not be afraid to experiment, choose unusual colors or wallpapers with crazy prints for decoration. It will look gorgeous!

Natural materials

Use natural materials, they fit very well into the interior. For example, you can make one wall with a wooden covering, this will refresh the design.

Non-standard solutions

Of course, anything that you allow yourself to imagine can fall into this point. But we would like to suggest a stabilized moss option. It creates a sense of extra space and also helps to make the toilet as comfortable as possible.

Live plants

Yes, the decision is unusual, but very justified. The flowerpot will delight the eye and create coziness. The main thing is to choose the right plant that will feel comfortable in a room with high humidity and minimal lighting.

These simple ideas will help create coziness even in the smallest toilet. You can choose the option that suits you best. Do not be afraid to experiment, because non-standard solutions turn out to be the best in the end.

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