Sep 21, 2022
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How the American media reacted to Putin’s appeal to the Russians

How the American media reacted to Putin's appeal to the Russians

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The American media reacted to the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia. Journalists write that Russia is simply unable to resist Ukraine. The Western press saw weakness in Moscow’s decision and believes that the Russians cannot cope with the Ukrainian army. The Wall Street Journal saw in the words of Vladimir Putin, who announced a partial mobilization on September 21, the intention to unleash a full-scale war with the use of nuclear weapons.

“Vladimir Putin threatened Ukraine with a nuclear response to the Ukrainian conflict and gave the order to start mobilizing reservists. His speech is clear evidence that Russia is not capable of resisting Ukraine and the West, which has united in the face of Moscow’s actions,” the newspaper writes.

The New York Times took the mobilization as a weakness of the Russians at the front. The publication says that Putin’s speech is an attempt to restore leadership in the armed conflict, which undermined his authority both at home and on the world stage. The Washington Post writes that the Russian president is calling for reservists amid Kyiv’s setbacks and counter-offensive. The material also states that holding referendums, which could lead to the annexation by Russia of the occupied territories of Ukraine, will result in an escalation of the conflict.

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